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OFFICIAL - The United States Senate Announced: “Corona is a lie!” (08 15 21)

Citizen of Gotham
Citizen of Gotham - 4,526 Views
Published on 15 Aug 2021 / In News and Politics

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JamesRoss 3 years ago

Very good…

Dr. Sean Hross has done a very good job exposing the Templars genociding the non-Cult people of the past and today. The are mostly called the Freemasons across North America:

The Mystery School Cult began to get their Rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel (tob ezyro com) by the Vietnam War: using a Rambo brainchip to make super-soldiers to genocide more effectively from the Mystery Cult murderous thUgs:

They are about to use religious mind-control for the last time as you can see with the islamic right to murder infidels: Old World Order population control was religious wars.

Now, the NEW WORLD ORDER A.I. controlled world tyranny instructs all the secret-society minions what to do my hivemind… The Georgia Guidestones called the hivemind “The Living New Language” It is an ancient method that the Homo capensis(who the Freemasons hide) used to impede all other homonids from developing a civilization. All were kept in tribes or destroyed using high-tech weapons, but allowed to remain simple cultures:

The Tower-Of-Babel is synthetic telepathy and touch-less torture. (brainchipzombies unaux com)
It will kill first the unsworn, then it will eliminate the faithful islamics, then the last of true Homo sapiens will be tricked into fake-mind uploads into the supercomputer A.I., but it will actually be suicide. That is what appears to be the plan of Homo capensis Lady Gadfly is just a Cult slave/minion like Madonna and the other grand-standers.

But you can realize your Personal Power in the Present by realizing that this universe is actually a multidimensional multiverse controlled by choosing probability paths. You get better at taking the control away from the thUgs by expanding your intuition to foresee better paths to survive the genocide without having to kill a single thUg… the wicked, murderous thUgs will kill themselves instead if you study to develop your new powers. Study the Seth-Books that came from All-That-Is to help you avoid genocide by the Freemasons thUgs. Wicked-souls who murder will die by their own hand.

Here the wisdom informs that the future destruction of New Atlantis will be because the Freemasons tainted their quest with murder rather than creating a loving Atlantis instead: The murderous thUgs have again choses self-annihilation by their own wicked desires. The good-willed people who lovingly develop their use of spiritual-wholesomeness will achieve much much more by understanding the multiverse properties and how to chose the better probable-worlds to end up within. All it will that is good-intent and good-effort.

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Usewisdom 3 years ago

This is a lot of showmanship idiots they should all be thrown in jail and the key thrown away. What a bunch if stupid pussies.

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PeterPiper 3 years ago

These senators should be ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES! They don't intend to DO anything at all. Just a bunch of jaw wagging and no action. at all.

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PeterPiper 3 years ago

This is not going to do any good at all. It's just talk. That's all our Reps and Senators do is TALK. You watch... NO ACTION.

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 3 years ago

THAT'S the big announcement?!?!?!
How about reporting that fact that FAUCI inserted a HIV component into it to make it more viral? How about reporting that THE VIRUS HAS NEVER BEEN ISOLATED IN A LAB, THAT THE CDC HAS NO SAMPLE OF IT, & THAT IT IS JUST ANOTHER FLU??
How about MANDATING the use of Ivermectin & Hydroxychloraquine?
How about announcing the ARRESTS of Bill Gates, Tedros (WHO), CDC & NIH officials & A Fauci for GENOCIDE?
How about a Federal indictment of the 5 States' governors that FORCED SICK PPL INTO OLD PPL'S CARE HOMES?
Bitching abt Big tech is not arresting the CEO's of big tech.

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Usewisdom 3 years ago

Absolutely. I dont know why the subject line is untrue. This bunch of cowards blowhole won't talk about the important points you make. I agree with you exactly and it's a disgrace that these lawmakers are cowards. Knocking China and not their own leaders for selling us out to the demonic marxists communist chinese.

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