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NOBODY You Know Wants to Admit This Why

JamesRoss - 91 Views
Published on 24 Jan 2023 / In Technology

Tricked into becoming a slave... That is what Freemasonic sheepdogs are trained to do to turn public-school children into grown-up sheeple. And now the children have been covertly brainchipped and know not the difference between A.i. intrusions into their thoughts and their own inner voice.

A prime example of A.i. brainchips in children is here: These children are enslaved by computer-brain-interfaces and don't even realize their abilities are A.i. driven.

These are not the fake Elon Musk "Neurolink" brainchips... they are similar to the Rambo-chip that Freemasons experimented upon soldiers in the Vietnam War according to Dr. Rauni Kilde:

I tried to warn you'll:
As did other give you warnings:
They masons took away Eberts voice as his punishment for whistleblowing:

Freemasons and Luciferians are not nice people, but they have decaying shrivelled souls that can only be fixed by reversing their chosen genocidal path... they are the chaff that is separated from the worthy wheat, you see. Life is only one attempt to make the soul worthy, their ancient devils have tricked them into destroying their own souls with unworthiness... just like those Homo capensis devils are the unworthy mankind. Care not about dying, but care deeply in growing a worthy soul with loving behavior towards others.

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