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NIGHT SHADOWS 11292023 -- Digital Wallet Ready to Go and Will it be Tied to Loyalty Oath and Medical/Insurance?

runty1940 - 187 Views
Published on 30 Nov 2023 / In Film and Animation

As we are about to enter December we hear more and more bad news concerning a global banking collapse that is, of course, part of the agenda to force the world into the digital wallet and digital currency, where cash will be terminated and even made a crime to conduct any transactions with cash. The digital money system will lead directly into the MARK System and some form of loyalty oath system - but it also leads to total governmental control over every aspect of your life. When one ties that to the medical/insurance system, you will totally obey or not have any medical help or drug help. This will extend into all areas of life, from groceries to auto insurance and more. Then we have Ukraine, NATO, Russia, Israel, China, earth changes, sun troubles and unknown energies from space...
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