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Published on 05 Apr 2018 / In Film and Animation

Utah Gun Exchange is excited to announce the launch of our latest freedom enhancing platform called UGETube!

UGETube is a robust, YouTube equivalent video delivery platform that offers users a safe harbor and a guaranteed censorship-free-forever experience!!!

When visiting UGETube, users will be able to enjoy a familiar and easy navigation experience. Just like Google, users will be able to use their login information across all of our platforms. So fear not, if you are already a member of, you will not need to create a new account.

We are also excited to announce we have been working tirelessly with content creators to provide you with a massive library of videos!

Content Creators can expect an unlimited number of monetization opportunities! Create your own channel today! Upcoming social media superstars will be created daily!

Welcome to our new platform, and we hope you enjoy having your freedom of speech protected!

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janhintzke 2 days ago

Election Fraud weekend NO One is picking this up, we need to circulate in comment sections all presentations, everywhere or we will never have a fair election EVER again.

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thegigibert 11 days ago

Is there a way to put this on my home page when I open my phone?

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UGETube Support
UGETube Support 11 days ago

Thank you for using our platform and for reaching out on this. Are you referring to this particular video, or the site in general? Also, you can also reach our customer service department by emailing [email protected]

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ecarusosr 14 days ago

I was given this website from my nephew. I took one look at it, and joined up. I want to share this website with all my friends and family too. Thanks again for giving me a place to come to. I firmly believe our country is going in the wrong direction, and it's up to us to share the truth and facts about what is happening. The news media has become a one sided and corrupted by the Democratic party. This is a shame. Because they are supposed to be open minded and looking out for us all. Giving us truthful and honest reporting to keep us updated and with information and true facts about what is going on. I listen to both sides to hear about what is going on with them. This is what I do, and make up my own mind. Thanks again Gino.

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UGETube Support
UGETube Support 14 days ago

@ecarusosr: Welcome aboard! We are happy you found us and thank you for sharing our platform with everyone! UGETube will always support Free Speech!

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United by Truth
United by Truth 17 days ago


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newutah2021 2 months ago

something people do not seem to understand free speech offers YOU the opportunity to NOT interact with those you disagree with, thus the FREEDOM to CHOOSE, which includes a free American's right to own personal protection or NOT, to receive a poison into their veins OR NOT, to participate in a discussion about either of these subjects OR NOT. Without the FREEDOMS to CHOOSE we no longer are a FREE PEOPLE or FREE COUNTRY! This is a basic understanding of the FIRST AND SECOND AMENDMENTS! now sip your frappachino whipped double mocha light on the BS and ruminate on this.

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Bodhi Searcher
Bodhi Searcher 5 days ago

@newsutah2021: You are spot on. No one should be forced to listen to anyone. Some people think that free speech gives them the right to hijack other people’s conversations and then force them to listen or read what they say or have written. I agree with you on the injection too. Spot on.

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redwarfa 4 days ago

@Bodhi Searcher: so its free speech but only when its suits you.Sounds like censorship to me

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