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SITREP 8.10.22 Welcome to the Banana Republic
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Welcome to UGETube

UGETube - 1,701,943 Views
Published on 05 Apr 2018 / In Film and Animation

Utah Gun Exchange is excited to announce the launch of our latest freedom enhancing platform called UGETube!

UGETube is a robust, YouTube equivalent video delivery platform that offers users a safe harbor and a guaranteed censorship-free-forever experience!!!

When visiting UGETube, users will be able to enjoy a familiar and easy navigation experience. Just like Google, users will be able to use their login information across all of our platforms. So fear not, if you are already a member of, you will not need to create a new account.

We are also excited to announce we have been working tirelessly with content creators to provide you with a massive library of videos!

Content Creators can expect an unlimited number of monetization opportunities! Create your own channel today! Upcoming social media superstars will be created daily!

Welcome to our new platform, and we hope you enjoy having your freedom of speech protected!

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burnabyugetuber 1 month ago

Stole from millions... See

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White Lives Matter 1776

Thanks for creating an open platform at this critical time for America and liberty throughout the world.

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labratknatz 1 month ago

I *love* that you settled on "uge-tube" like DJT's famous way of saying 'huge'.
(U-GET-ube, just sounds weird, anyway.)

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dragonslayer78 2 months ago

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brilamin 4 months ago


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SITREP 8.10.22 Welcome to the Banana Republic
The Analyst (New Real Media)