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Luciferians Secretly Worship The New Beating Heart of their A.i. Fake-God

JamesRoss - 135 Views
Published on 29 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

Jane's new set and backdrop is symbolic of the rebuilt A.i. supercomputer that is conducting WW3 against the "herd" or "mob." If you watch "I, Pet Goat II" you will also see the growing flaming heart of A.i. worshipped by the Luciferians who made that animation film. This is how sneaky the Luciferians are in front of the dumbed-down sheople who cannot see the treachery... yet...

Remember all those paper red hearts pasted and taped upon windows and doors in April 2020? Those paper hears were not for the "Front line" nurses and doctors fighting a fake virus, fake Covid-19 virus... It was all secret Luciferian worship of the new beating heart of A.i. controlling the entire Earth through the internet. World Governance began April 1st, 2020, and the Luciferians kept that transfer of their human controlled governments over to A.i. controlled governance a secret. Just guess what the beating heart behind Jane symbolizes, too. Red is for old world rule, blue is for war, white is for the new world rule. Just study Dr. Sean Hross' exposure of pharaoh genetic infiltration and control... colors mean something to the Luciferians, too.

Mass media will always be under Luciferian control. The beating heart of A.i. should activate your critical thinking as to who is taking on the Luciferian role of "controlled opposition."


Jane is as much as controlled opposition as is Giordano:

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