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Jan 2021. FESIG's 83rd Meeting Gene Decode on Election Sting operation, Deep State agendas, DUMBs 2nd Dec 2020

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Published on 16 Jun 2021 / In News and Politics

The Chair, Crystal, commenced FESIG’s 83rd Meeting on the 2nd Dec 2020, promptly with Gene CoSensei Decode clarifying that nothing he puts out violates any agreements he signed. The Backstage Military Decode - Underground Military Facilities Off Planet - coordinates of the Russian bases on the Near side and the Far side of the Moon! E.g. 36° S., 147° E.—Jules Verne Crater has large underground lakes, plants, alien machinery, food storage, spacecraft hangers. Approximately 37,000 humans. Base is approximately the size of New York State. Functions: Living spaces, mining, strategic bases, particle beam research. Mars Bases: 1. + Tartarus Montest (connects to Dulce by portal and Alliance is currently using this to attack Dulce DUMB) 2. + US base Archimedes 3. & 4. + US base North/South Poles—Functions: Particle Beam Weapons base, Living facilities for next base 5. + German/Japanese base.
Then he talked about the legend of the Lizard People - lost cities on the Pacific Coast, the local one having been dug by the Lizard People after the "great catastrophe" which occurred about 5000 years ago. Some of the tunnels ran west for 20 miles under the Santa Monica Bay, discovered by G.Warren Shufelt. Dulce Base - the 1954 Eisenhower Granada Treaty pictures of the Holoman AFB and Hangar #18 Wright Patterson Airforce Base! DUMBS : The Underground War - The GREAT SPIRITUAL WAR for The SURVIVAL of EDEN EARTH & HUMANITY going on for over 2 decades.
The 4 stages necessary to win this war against the evil darkness that descended centuries ago to Earth & attacked Humanity: Remove the evil darkness from:- 1. The Space about the Earth 2. Earth’s skies 3. The Earth, 4. The beneath the surface of the Earth (under the Earth’s surface; throughout ALL tunnels, labyrinths & Caverns) & maintain permanent supremacy their-in.
Stage 1 & 2 : Are mostly completed by the Q Alliance. Stage 3: Has had vast advances by the Q Alliance with only a few strongholds left: mainly being China, Iran & Israel. Within these countries the Top leadership is now under white hat control and the swamp draining & removal of Satanic evil leaders is proceeding. In the U.S. the Swamp draining has seen great advances & after the 2Q2Q elections are completed their will be VAST changes occurring, starting with massive arrests & military tribunals and executions for those found guilty of treason! Stage 4 Is underway. The massive under Earth war began with the call up of ALL Branches of The U.S. Great Military. Special Forces lead the vanguard with weapons very few have knowledge of or have ever dreamed of. The massive battle is advancing through the immense Illuminati demon forces & vast interconnected Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) complex connected with Nationwide Hwys; in tunnels as well as Magnetic Levitating Trains (MAGLEVS), capable of Mach speeds and incredible stores of food, water, DNA & seed banks; many fully supplied with autonomous free energy supplies! The Tunnel Boring Technologies The primary tunnel boring unit used; the Nuclear Subterrene ($850 million dollars) This does Rapid Excavation by Rock Melting Uses molten lithium pumped through a small nuclear reactor and circulated through an annular melting penetrator, reaching temperatures of 1,570o Kelvin, melting through a ring of rock in front of the machine. Subterrene patent 27 May 1975 by Inventors John H Altseimer, Robert J Hanold. Original Assignee Us Energy. The DUMBs are the last strong hold of the Satanic Illuminati ancient evil Nephilim bloodlines of Cain. Evidences of this battle can be seen with fires coming out of sewers, storm hole drains & manhole covers in California (covered on B2T’s show of 13 Oct.). ALTERNATIVE 2/PROJECT MK RAND There are at least 10,000 DUMBS and 100,000 miles of tunnels worldwide. In The U.S. there are over 346 known DUMBs, with 2 underground bases being built per year, depth is about 4.25 miles. Each DUMB base costs between 17 & 26 billion $ to build, funded by MI6/CIA drug money. Many DUMBs are vast cities housing humans, Satanic temples, Demonic living areas, & much more. The Black Budget garners 25% of US GNP, consuming $1.25 trillion pa, the DUMBs projects consumes 90% of this. The UK Bases Project, Miles Johnston meets Gene, after the Q&A (Co-chaired by James Rink) this meeting was adjourned to the 84th FESIG Meeting on the 6th of Jan 2021 where Gene will speak again.

GENE DECODE is a former U.S. Navy Decoder with highly valuable intel from the Deep-State agendas, and their D.U.M.B.S (Deep Underground Military Bases), to alien races, Antarctica, human harvesting, & liberation of human trafficked children.

Brought to you by Crystal Goh and the FESIG Team.
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