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Gene Decode. DUMBs Part 17 Zimbabwe. B2T Show Feb 13, 2021 (IS).mp4

Published on 15 Feb 2021 / In News and Politics

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DonnaDee 15 days ago


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Puppykisser 17 days ago

Gene talks about Zimbabwe... what are his feelings about Mud Fossil University ? I know a man like Gene would know about Mud Fossils. Trees with breasts would fit right into the studies of Mud fossils, taught and shown by Roger S.
There is sooo much about our history, our world...that the so called professors keep hidden. In other to move forward we have to know our history and that of the world. Mud fossils teaches an shows incredible things from giants to dragons and everything in between. Truth is stranger than fiction. God Bless....

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Puppykisser 17 days ago

Gene does a wonderful job trying to bring understanding.
I feel more at peace now than I ever have. I do believe we are on the cusp of this transition into a better world! We have been groomed but it is sooo obvious it’s practically like time is standing still. This is a war..we are awake by God’s hand. I am old so this isn’t really about me, however I want a better, friendlier, peaceful world for children to play as children and grow into loving respectful adults. I want nothing more the to have this blanket of corruption and evil removed. Our children should be playing in the park not fighting in a alley. We are loving social beings... these sick bastards tried to strip it all away... everything decent, everything Holy and good! We are going to be what we were born to be.

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Lkysht 17 days ago

CCP biden for gitmo! And all his corrupt friends.

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