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Jan 2021. FESIG 84th Meeting Gene Decode on ETs, Deep State arrests, med beds, free energy 6Jan21.

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Published on 16 Jun 2021 / In News and Politics

The Chair, Crystal, commenced FESIG’s 84th Meeting on the 6th Jan 2020, promptly with Gene CoSensei Decode who returned to continue with his intel info.
Gene said he’s about peace, thoughts feelings and emotions dictate your timelines… for those focusing on Trump will be without Armageddon.. get the other side to surrender, to remove individuals that violate the Law of creation. One creator of All Things.. the One God that Gene is in service to. Jesus Christ is not from the Ashtar Commander, Gene is NOT part of any command structure, he is an independent agent, that’s in service to the One True God of All creation, his son Jesus the Christ is whom Gene looks up to as his Lord Savoir.. In the Bible, all time-lines have to be shown, so Armageddon is Biden Timeline and Gene is NOT part of that timeline. In regards to the Election situation, most people know about the Frankfurt server that was taken out by the special forces – taken out the server in Madrid. The Dominion Server and all the information was completely taken down and downloaded, transmitted by the NSA through to Trump. He’s got everything, he’s got all the proof, 2 days prior to that affair. The Thermographic bombs, that went down was not a fertilizer bomb, the person that died in the 10th floor was at that time when they exploded that bomb, they fractionalized the active gas, 80% as powerful as a nuclear blast, so the Beirut blast was something like that. And that of the Oklahoma city. The cabal always gets rid of the person doing the damage so they got rid of the evidence. Cabal doesn’t have particle beams weapons, they only have ground based systems, they hit that device while he was getting out of the basement, to that RV, and the other RV was there that they were shooting that laser from. You can see that red laser.. then the device exploded. You can look up Free Energy and anti-gravity devices.. under the name of Salvatore… under the US Patent Office… If Biden wasn’t sworn in then there’ll be a 911 event, - but the Alliance have everything, they tapped all the phones and weeks before, and they were sitting in the White House, watching and laughing at the cabal trying to get rid of the Servers when they already have all the information 2 days prior. The huge main big dump operation - that bomb was a bunker buster… Please watch the rest of the video. After the Q&A, this meeting was then adjourned to the 85th Meeting on the 3rd of Feb.

GENE DECODE is a former U.S. Navy Decoder with highly valuable intel from the Deep-State agendas, and their D.U.M.B.S (Deep Underground Military Bases), to alien races, Antarctica, human harvesting, & liberation of human trafficked children.
email Gene: [email protected]
Brought to you by Crystal Goh and the FESIG Team.

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