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In 2007 Alan Watt Dissects a 2001 Ethics Journal Promoting Luciferian-Brainchips (Existing as Non-Comprehensive Peaceful Citizens)

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Published on 20 Jan 2022 / In People and Blogs

Elon Musk is a frontman faker with "Neuralink" serving Freemasonry rising the new Tower-Of-Babel.
Anti Secret Society Movement:

The 2001 Article: From the Lahey Clinic Medical Ethics Journal based out of Boston (Just north of "Providence" (the A-eye of))
The Cult began combing Brainchip articles off the net after they had great difficulty to murder me off my loving Earth. I had the sense that they were startled all the way to the Bush administration back in 2006 that they could not kill capture and kill me... Their ancient masters have been guiding them to their collective, committed, physical self-annihilation and to the banishment of their murderous souls beyond Oblivion's Gate. The brainchip will not be able to upload anything of their soul except an A.i.-mimiced memory of their murderous personalities. And when that A.i. is turned off... even that leaves this framework.
The thUgs are proving their souls to be unworthy to remain in the Creator-God's playground and beyond, you see...



You can find missing audios off Alans main site at podbay

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