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The Liberty Belles
The Liberty Belles - 152 Views
Published on 07 Nov 2022 / In News and Politics

Global citizenship is NOT an ideology to which anyone should subscribe. This nefarious agenda is being trotted out to the people as the way to some utopia where all problems, such as poverty, hunger, etc., will be solved if we just all come together and consider ourselves a global citizen. The main targets of this agenda are our children with the ideology perpetrating the government indoctrination centers. Moreover, vulnerable groups are being targeted as well through the unicorns and roses presentations on internet websites.
John Paul Harkins and Johnny Cirucci join The Liberty Belles to discuss global citizenship as well as the roots to this agenda tracing back to the early days of Roman Catholicism. This is an episode you do not want to miss.
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As always, Stay vigilant! Armor up Anti-Fed Ed Warriors!
The Global Citizen has 3 action issues:
1) Defeat poverty
2) Defend the planet
3) Demand equity
From my blog, why being a GC has more chains than freedoms:
(This one detailed the cookie cutter international standards for many jobs)
(one of my most basic explanations of STEM's real agenda in education)
(this one is huge in laying out several aspects of American education gone global right
under our noses and leads to GCs)
(this one was a national 'hit' that broke many misconceptions about just when
the UN entered our curriculum and the purpose)
(this one exposes the national scores We the People have, thanks to our gov't
in relation to the SDGs (which are part of GCs)
(You'll need the UNESCO document shown)
(the graphics)
(GCs can't be individually minded and neither is our education system)
(I featured a 1970s children's book about the UN and updated it to apply to modern

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