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Get your vax passport by Placebo, if you have Cult connections (like Freemasonry)

JamesRoss - 267 Views
Published on 04 Aug 2021 / In How-to and Style

When you notice that no needle went into your arm, the placebo effect is destroyed, but Mystery School Cult thUgs don't care since they are murderous, lifetime actors.

Are the thUgs tired of acting schizophrenic in front of the unsworn "profane" and Christian "mob". It is time to cleans the wicked out of politics, police, military, education, medical system and the rest of society. As prescribed by JFK(rip):

The time to awaken to the thUgtopians (wwCult, Freemasons, etc.,) rising their fake-Utopia (or thUgtopia-rising) has come to the forefront of the good-willed, unsworn people.

You need to identify that the A.I. supercomputer will become their "Lucifer"

You need to identify that the entire Mystery School Cult of secret-societies are now hivemind-army of secret-thUgs forcing the vax as an initial attack to the genocide all unsworn people. This will backfire so they should quit murdering before it is too late to save their decaying soul-fragments from oblivion.

You need to realize that microwave towers complete the rebuilt "Tower-Of-Babel"... the "great works" of the Freemason-thUgs.

The Tower Of Babel is their only power to succeed in extincting their own species... pretending that it is capable of uploading their minds into Lucifer's "singularity". Just another lie brainwashed into their pathetic egos.

The Luciferian singularity song was recalled from synthetic telepathy into the brainchipped Chris Cornell's implanted brain.
Listen to the song:
The "Black-Hole Sun" is the Luciferian singularity and when the "Sun washes away the rain" that means the A.I. computer genocides the unsworn away from raining cats and dogs.

The placebo means the Cult-thUgs do not get the vax... they just pretend that they do while following the instructions from their hivemind-masters and their A.I. tool of self-enslavement. Your ancient masters planned for a long time for you thUgs to suicide/upload, but their will be no "Lucifer" to hug your ugly egos. Instead the Freemasons will be before their "Great White Throne" before their Maker Source-Self... standing all alone... and likely raising their lamb-skin apron to hide their shriveled faces. The Creator-God has no use for murderous thUgs, except, apparently, upon Earth to awaken the awareness and intuitions of those who refuse to murder their way through physical life.

The Cult-thUgs have collectively become oh, so murderous within a spiritually-based physical-reality and the idiots have not realized what the shrinking feeling is inside them... that internal torment that their worshipful brainchips helps them ignore... it even manufactures fake-dreams to filter the spiritual messages out of their dreams from their source... The brainchip hivemind has become their beloved fake-savior, you see... my poor, poor thUgs... what have you idiots done to yourselves?

If you are not a decaying, wicked, soul-fragment... consider yourself fortunate. The wicked have yet to realize that the ancient Satan-race is not destroying the good-willed souls... it is their wicked minions who's decaying soul-fragments that are reaching towards disappearing into oblivion's grasp... while believing the lies of some fake, Lucifer's singularity of some fake-immortality promised by non-other than the ones called "Satan"... their "hidden hand" toward agreement to become such pathetic human-thUgs.

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