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Bombshell Danish German Studies One In Three Pfizer Vaccine Shots May Have Been A Placebo

Linda Kirby
Linda Kirby - 249 Views
Published on 02 Dec 2023 / In Health

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talkieful2 3 months ago

I heard about a month or two on the news outlet that they came out and admitted 10% got the placebo.

So like Russian roulette, you got the poison or not. I'm glad my husband and I with my son did not take it!!!

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Linda Kirby
Linda Kirby 3 months ago

From the Schmelling study, I think was the name of it, the Denmark study, it was 30% or a little higher that got the placebo. Dr. McCullough said if you didn't have a sore arm when you got the shot then you got the placebo. If you got a sore arm, then you got one of the other two bad ones.

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Nancy Simmons
Nancy Simmons 3 months ago

Thank you Ms. Linda. Nothing surprises us anymore. God's blessings on us all. Love you both. Maranatha ✝️

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