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GENE DECODE LIVE New Years Day Special Edition!! INTEL January 6th Ralley, Pence Steps Down, Stack of Trump Cards, Trump WINS, Timelines, Election, Nashville & More.

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Published on 02 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

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AserehT 20 days ago

very interesting and thank you so very very much! I have memories of Trump being in during Vegas and not yet in.. (((TEARS))) I thought I was going nuts!!! GOD BLESS YOU..Thank you Gene!!!!

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Samsonian 21 days ago

When people get all worked up about the word “apocalypse”...remember, it only means “revealing or uncovering that which has been hidden” from Greek.

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Risa 23 days ago

WHERE WE ARE NOW decode was released before Dec 18, because I copied it to my FB timeline on this date. It pretty much reads exactly the same .and the author was Jack White. I do not remember exactly where I got it from

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Risa 23 days ago

Interesting because on my timeline I know Trump is inaugurated and I have no problem convincing people I talk to. Also nobody around me has ever worn a mask or is social distancing.

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[email protected] 24 days ago

My video kept cutting out

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