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GENE DECODE, URGENT INTEL! MESSAGE To The ALLIANCE, Insurrection Act, Martial Law, Trump, Fake D.C. Troops, Nancy Pelosi, Italy, National Guard, New Election!

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Published on 13 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

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GENE DECODE, URGENT INTEL! MESSAGE To The ALLIANCE, Insurrection Act, Martial Law, Trump, Fake D.C. Troops, Nancy Pelosi, Italy, General Flynn, National Guard, New Election, NESARA!

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lalazarus 10 hours ago

What I'm wondering, if all this is true and hopefully it is, is WHAT ELECTORAL COLLEGE? We know for sure that some Representatives and Senators are corrupt. If they are among the people arrested, that leaves a big hole in both houses. That would mean the election in four months would also be for those seats that are vacant....or so it would seem to me. Bottom line is I still don't see Joe Biden as president. It simply doesn't compute.

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CarlaQ 1 day ago

I heard horned guy was a marine who infiltrated antif. On the 8th he was in Arizona outside the court house when they released Austin Steinbart.

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Whousethal 2 days ago

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[email protected] 3 days ago

What happens if they don't honor the plan of Biden being arrested?

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[email protected] 3 days ago

I paid for a subscription and I have nothing but trouble trying to get the full length videos. The site won't link. I have had to reset my password and it still will not work. It is very very discouraging.

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