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False Flag: US Freemason-Communists ARE Working With Putin To Collapse Western Civilization

JamesRoss - 186 Views
Published on 21 Feb 2024 / In Non-profits and Activism

The traitors have been running the West since the beginning and that is why you cannot see them.... Just look at the Toronto Police Logo... it is totally Luciferian... the controllers serve Lucifer.

USA is also run by Freemason-Communists who all ARE in genocide-mode... killing off the sheeple willing to die with clot-shot and bio-robots will be used to create chaos throughout the West. Bio-robots who live with you, due to a covertly implanted brain-interface. Here a Muslim bio-robot is remote-controlled to expand weapons into an area: And that is how the Freemasons and zionist operate.

Gang-stalkers are just covertly implanted Targeted Individuals who have been "turned" to the dark-side because nobody would believe that they were under attack by technology. Now that technology has grown so much that supersoldiers are invading with few being wiser.

Digital-microwave communications control the bio-robots who need to have their bodies filled with magnetic nano-particles in order for the interface to work. That is how to stop the invasion. think about it... if you don't stop the invasion then everything falls to pieces on purpose due to masonic treachery.

You know I am correct when you all have watch Masonic mass-media show the illegal invasion of the West with open doors.
Technology now allows brainchipped illegals to become supersoldiers by stealth. You are unwittingly thinking it is the immigrants and asylum-seekers destroying your country from within, but it is the Freemason-communists and Luciferian secret societies using the immigrants as their scapegoat to hide their brainchip remote-control human technology.

Technology is being secretly used to kill the West.

Not only can brainchipped supersoldiers be used as bio-robots, but all the secret-societies use the rebuilt tower-of-babel to form their secret brainchip-hivemind-army of thUgs.
wake-up sheeple.

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