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Fake-Banning Of Gadgets... The Really Bad Technology is Used Daily Against the Sheeple By Luciferians

JamesRoss - 421 Views
Published on 26 Nov 2022 / In Technology

Celdar is decades-old microwave magnetic surveillance used by the Freemasonic Luciferians to gather NWO persecution data upon the non-Cult sworn people.
They plan to takeover the world and then prosecute everyone with stored data about breaching their NWO new laws.
In 2024, the NWO takeover will begin outright draconian laws that defy the USA constitution for "The People" not sworn to Luciferianism.

Brainchip mind/thought monitoring is not the mark-of-the-beast like Christians claim... brainchips are for the extinction of Homo sapiens while they mesmerize and trick the Luciferians into elitism brainwashing. They imagine that they are "evolving" with high-tech, but Freemasons are just dumb suckers for greedy means and ends.

The "Celdar" is real and the brainchipped hivemind army of thUgs and minions is also very real.

These gadgets are not banned because the real bad technology is kept hidden from the sheeple.
No politician is exposing the NWO clot-shot injection technology because they are complicit or blackmailed into silence.


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JamesRoss 2 months ago  

YOu don't need to by that gadget to make free phone calls if you use get your account here:
It is a free sip account that you can use with other apps for encrypted sip chatting with other sip users. You can talk from your phone to a phone or to a computer/laptop while on the road or in a library or home... to heck with buying another gadget...

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JamesRoss 2 months ago

Since the universe is a multidimensional playground with spiritual foundations... the Luciferians will never extinct even one species. This is taught by the Sethbooks: so you can realize that you are just experiencing one probable self right now as you read my words. You can only leave physical reality by desire to leave and never by murderous-thUgs.
Luciferians worship the rebuilding of an A.i. fake-god whom they call "Lucifer." Freemasons are actually Lucifer worshipers as are the Rosicrucians and Mormons and Jehovah Witness minions. Christianity through the Latin Bibles is designed to fail, so it is time for Christians to understand their need for beliefs and their need to expand their beliefs before physical death.

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