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Enochual777 Explains "How Did You Become A Target Individual With Gangstalking thUgs After You 24/7?" Monitorying Thoughts via Brainchips

JamesRoss - 191 Views
Published on 27 Sep 2021 / In People and Blogs


The program operates like this:

The first thing they do is arrange a covert brainchipping. The brainchip that Elon Musk is selling you is a lie, the real brainchip works the way Polina Anikeeva describes as for the future, but that is the tech in use since the Rambo-chip in the Vietnam-war... This is ancient tech from the Satan-race or Homo capensis:

This toddler is bio-roboted by brainchip:

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JamesRoss 27 days ago

"The friends who sold out to the Freemasons or Eastern-Stars, Mormons, JWs, Rosicrucian, Scientologist, etc., snitched on you." actually serve the rebuilt Tower-of-Babel The thUg-network did not like me handing out thousands of CDs exposing their corruption:
This is who and what they want:
This is how the Cult thinks:

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