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Elon Musk Vs Phil Schneider is an Example of Liar vs Truther

JamesRoss - 231 Views
Published on 03 Dec 2022 / In Non-profits and Activism


Freemasonry is already choosing to be murderous and genocidal.
The result of their genocidal, Old Atlantean Empire was self-annihilation by thunderbolt.

That self-destruction is already being written onto each and every one of their shriveling soul-fragments' future with their acquiescence to a very shitty, murderous value-system. Each thUg made the choice to become a collective murderous thUg just like those old Atlantean murdered their own species of good-intentions.

Their Holy Bible claims that Sodom and Ghemorra were destroyed by the wrath of the Creator-God, but no...
The Atlanteans lost their value-fulfillment as a worthy species through treachery and genocide. Those Mystery School thUgs(that FB's Zuckers may call them "Dumb phuckers") let the ancient monsters, Homo capensis, train and guide them towards self-annihilation(yet, again, (with Barak's "eye-beam" in their "Freedom Tower") and Nature thus came with aid to answer their call to reset mankind back to our 'known' historical past of Babylon, Ur and Mesopotamia. We come from pre-ancient civilizations beyond text-book history and the Freemasons knowingly control such history books and museums to pretend lies and falsehoods... and the sheeple are awakening to the lies.

Freemasons can be identified by their brainchip microwave emissions since all the murderous ones are linked up to their rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel: Their treachery and corruption is not new Knights Templar used fake-plagues to hide their genocide of entire communities... even the babies were murdered so no questioning of their lies would surface years later.

Freemasons are just the same Cult as the Jesuits and Knights Templar and other thUgs and minions that serve the Vatican monsters or "Divining Serpents." "Vati" means "divining", "can" means "serpent." Homo capensis is the ancient (failed) mankind that has tricked Freemasonry with ancient lies about mind-uploads and going "Ad Astra."

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