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Child Rape by Mike Obama Is Real Fluff Designed To Hide Brainchipping The Population For NWO-Enslavement

JamesRoss - 389 Views
Published on 29 Feb 2024 / In Non-profits and Activism

The most important thing for the success of the NWO Takeover is to trick acceptance of Magnetic Neuron Interfaces(MNI)s along with covert implanting of MNIs by Masonic medical-Mafia before the non-cUlt-sworn people wake-up to the dangers of mind-control and bio-robot capabilities of the rebuilt (Digital) Tower-Of-Babel

Luciferians like "Captain Hoff" are now showing the dumb-down-sheeple that a brainchipped rat can heterodyne( or remote-control) the body of another "linked" brainchipped rat: Don't be fooled by "Captain Hoff" lying to you that the memories of one rat is transfered to another rat... that is wrong... one rat only controls the actions of the other unconscious rat. It is a trick to make you believe the technology is more powerful that it really is.
CDC knows that cannibal-zombies will be faked in the future and are just Brainchipped-Bio-Robots with no disease. CDC is filled with Mystery School minions who worship the power of Ai to genocide humanity. I have discovered how the hivemind bio-robots really work and so can you.
The NWO will fail once the digital microwaves are banned. Ai will lose it wings once the digital-microwaves are stopped.

Child rape is done using MNI mind-control to bio-robot the children in most cases. The children who have memories of the rape are few unless they are expected to be murdered afterwards.

Remote-Control Children is in your faces, you just don't see it for what it is:


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JamesRoss 25 days ago

The Obamas have an alibi... they were just at the beach and it was a Penis Fish flopping around:

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