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Abraham Hicks "Feel it, Create it" (2015).mp4

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Published on 07 Feb 2022 / In Spiritual

Esther "Abraham" website:

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JamesRoss 5 months ago

I am not commenting on your spiritual awareness, but you do realize that this Abraham-Hicks junk is just another Eastern-Star, copy-cat of the SethBooks and Jane Roberts.... just like that Knight faker with her fake Rathma. Time for you to grow or go down with the Freemasonic ship of deception. Fakers are now using the brainchip-hivemind to sound more resourceful with fingertip information. All those knodding heads in the background mostly are just more Eastern-Star minions playing along for the recordings... just like Ramtha's Eastern-Star cheering section... listen to all the fakers:

I found the same thing with that Freemasonic "Bashar"

I hope the good-intentions of humanity overcomes the wicked minions of Homo capensis

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