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YouTube's Crackdown On its Content Policy Has Guntubers Launching Their Own Platforms

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Published on 20 Apr 2018 / In News and Politics

YouTube cracked down on videos involving guns, so firearms enthusiasts are building their own platforms.

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Zeke Shoots
Zeke Shoots 4 years ago  

The work you guys are doing is great. Thank you.

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redwarfa 1 month ago

Demonitize.Ha ha ha
Its bad enough that americans cant spell english.Now youre making up words .Wjat with throwinh a z in everything while the english speaking use s
I think the word you want is demonise

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Darkmoon75 2 months ago

Thank you for allowing everyone to keep their right to free speech.

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UGETube Support
UGETube Support 2 months ago

Thank you for using our platform! Our Tech and Management Teams are working hard to unveil many new features for our Users. As you might guess, the costs of maintaining servers, bandwidth, staffing and other overhead is massive. Please consider helping us defray some of these costs by sharing this link to our GiveSendGo campaign with as many people as you cal: the more people this link reaches, the faster we can roll out new features. Thank you for your support!

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hoplitefrog 4 months ago

So much for this site being ad free!

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PaCoLiant 7 months ago

Happy to find like minded Americans.
Keep it going

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Wilderness Valley Vision
Wilderness Valley Vision 10 months ago

They can do what ever they want. We have UGEtube here to stay. Thanks for sharing.

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UGETube Support
UGETube Support 9 months ago

We appreciate you being a part of our platform and for the support. Thank you!

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