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FULL SHOW: Democrats Reject Probe Into Hunter Biden While Launching Probe Into Trump Children; Their Two-Tiered System Of Justice Never Ends

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Published on 23 Sep 2022 / In News and Politics

Liberal media is now admitting that the Hunter Biden story can no longer be ignored, by media and Democrats alike, as the latest leaks reveal even more of the President’s son's outrageous behavior. But once again, Democrats who run investigative committees reject bids to investigate Hunter Biden, and instead are launching a new investigation of the entire Trump family. The growing escalations and tensions with Russia are a serious threat to the world but for some reason our politicians don’t seem interested in peace as Putin continues to warn the West and threaten nuclear war. Syrian Girl joins to discuss the latest developments. The latest hearing on January 6 has revealed how ignorant the Democrats are of the actual facts or their willingness to lie, but this time republicans pushed back and held their feet to the fire.

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