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X Factor Winner Reveals World's Secret Religion

TheCozmikTruth - 742 Views
Published on 06 May 2021 / In News and Politics


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JamesRoss 2 months ago

Masons want the unsworn to know their power over the sheep of the past.
Confessing irrelavant truths is just another ritual of theirs to mock the unsworn...

Except when they reveal important secrets obout the hivemind and brainchip stuff or fuck-up the agenda-plans... those are the real defectors and worthy of applause.
Like when Roger Ebert talked about brainchipping children... He then lost his career and then his life along with Siskel:
You see, Ebert thought he could expose the Cult's hivemind and get away with it. They took his voice away just like he said that he didn't have to use his mouth to communicate within the hivemind.

This "x factor-masonic" whistle blower exposes nothing that hasn't been exposed already.

Now, if he claimed that the Tower-Of-Babel has been secretly rebuilt, or started up an Anti Secret Society Movement then I would applaud him for he would be a true defector and not just another masonic-actor and deceptionist. He risked nothing like what Ebert did or Joan River did calling Mike a "transgender" when the masons were trying to build Mike up, Rivers exposed the deception that most could not see.

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Williw 2 months ago

guillotines ordered the plot thickens and its all on video here

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