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Winter in Crimea, Russia

Marine1063 - 141 Views
Published on 04 Jan 2021 / In Travel and Events

These people in Crimea are happy enjoying life. No masks, no Covid, no Bidens to burden them. In the past, the US media, State Dept, Obama and Trump - all were saying Russia invaded Crimea. In reality, the Crimeans kicked out US puppet Poroshenko in 2014 when he visited there. Crimeans, seeing that war was coming, immediately voted to be part of Russia. They were blessed. Former President Yanukovych's decision to deal with Russia in 2013 rather than the EU and the US upset the Deep State. He narrowly escaped death and saw his country plunged into Civil War thanks to US/EU interference.

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sydneyab 17 days ago

Wow. Beautiful. I loved seeing all the people enjoying themselves and not one mask in sight. Bravo.

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Yeray 17 days ago

amazing. thanks for share

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