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Facebook Election Interference, Russia Detains Defense Deputy, SCOTUS Denies Kari Lake Suit, Ray Epps FBI Lies

Published on 25 Apr 2024 / In News and Politics

Facebook 'interfered' with elections at least 39 times since 2008: The tech giant has reportedly interfered with multiple elections many different times. Russia detains deputy of defense minister for Sergei Shoigu, Timur Ivanov for corruption. Russia breaks through Ukraine front line and captures strategically important town after 'newly-arrived brigade fled their post' in major blow to Kyiv - just as US finally approves huge aid package. Baltimore accuses firms behind Dali ship that destroyed bridge of negligence. California unemployment fund 'insolvent' due to $55B fraud, businesses to pay. National Archives accused of violating Federal Records Act after allegedly deleting CDC correspondence. Unsealed docs expose early collaboration between archives, Biden White House in Trump prosecution. Israeli military intelligence chief resigns after 38 years of service over failure to prevent Hamas's deadly October 7 attack, saying 'I will carry the pain with me forever'. SCOTUS denies Kari Lake and Mark Finchem’s lawsuit to ban voting machines without comment. New York Governor signs new squatter law after 7 on your side investigation. Judge declares mistrial in case of Arizona rancher charged with murder of Mexican national on border property. “There Was One Holdout” – Rancher George Kelly’s defense lawyer says it was 7 to 1 for not guilty verdict. Fresh hell in Haiti as bodies pile up in the street as gangsters 'Barbecue' and 'Izo' reign terror on civilians - with no end to the bloody civil war in sight. Gangs ravage Haiti’s capital, take control ahead of government transition. Haiti hangs on a knife edge as warlord Barbecue issues chilling warning to Port-au-Prince as he plots for coup to start TODAY. Russian cyber attackers hack Texas Panhandle drinking water and flood town in first-ever raid by 'Kremlin aligned' group. I’m a Jewish Columbia University alumni. What if the victims of this hate were blacks, instead of Jews? How would the nation respond? Entire New York House delegation calls for resignation of Columbia's president Minouche Shafik. The far-left groups funding Columbia's student sit-in including a group that supported Hamas Oct 7 attack and a Soros-fund. Biden urged to send in the National Guard to deal with anti-Israel protesters at Columbia as top lawmakers stand with Jewish students and demand school's president resign. Columbia cancels in-person classes to ‘reset’ as anti-Israel protests raise tensions. Columbia President Minouche Shafik faces mounting calls to resign as anti-Israel protest grows.
Qatar says it will host Hamas as long as it Is ‘Useful and Positive’ to do so. Never Before Released FBI Interview Call Uncovered – J6 political prisoner Ryan Samsel exposes James Ray Epps breaking federal law, LYING To The FBI multiple times. Maine takes bold step toward complete civilian disarmament. House Judiciary opens formal inquiry into ATF killing of Arkansas airport executive
Lawmakers question lack of required body cams for raid, no-knock execution of warrant after Just the News reporting. Judge rules against NY attorney general, says Trump's $175M judgment bond will stand. Campus chaos spreads to California: Riot cops are called in after anti-Israel protestors take over State Polytechnic University and barricade the entrance and Bill Ackman brands mayhem a 'failure of leadership'. Marjorie Taylor Greene claims Democrats are planning to have Donald Trump 'MURDERED in jail' by locking him up and taking away his Secret Service protection. Coast Guard intercepts migrant boat with fugitive gangbangers from Puerto Rico onboard.
Anti-Trump impeachment ‘whistleblower’ linked to Joe & Hunter Biden’s Ukraine grift.
Upside down world: Avenatti is talking to Trump's legal team and Cohen is pitching a show. U.S. to send 'up to 60' more military advisors to Ukraine. Homeowners score legal victory over squatters in New York after ‘optics’ of landlord handcuffed in $1M home heist pushed lawmakers ‘over the finish line’. Ecuadorians overwhelmingly vote to deploy army to fight gangs, increase prison sentences. The results come after Ecuador's homicide rate more than tripled from 2021 to 2023. Outspoken Jewish professor barred from Columbia campus — but administration turns blind eye to even bigger tent city springing up.
Royal family will be horrified by Rebel Wilson's claim a member of The Firm invited her to a drug-fuelled orgy after it revives memories of cocaine use by Prince Harry, Lord Frederick Windsor and Camilla's son. Minnesota Dem state senator arrested on suspicion of burglary days after pushing for 'safer communities'. Australian police arrest 7 alleged teen extremists linked to stabbing of a bishop in a Sydney church. NYPD official says that Columbia University doesn’t want NYPD on campus to help with protests. Tennessee passes bill letting teachers carry guns at schools.
China's 'once in a century' floods: 127 million on alert as cities are submerged, homes and cars swept away and tens of thousands evacuated after deadly storms lash region dubbed 'factory floor of the world'. Not one of the 228 arrested at Columbia, NYU anti-Israel protests will get a criminal record. NGO with Soros, Muslim Brotherhood ties pushed Biden IDF sanctions. Cougars in the classroom: The alarming rate of teachers charged with raping young boys in America. 2 Malaysian military helicopters collide midair, killing all 10 crew. One dead, seven missing after two Japanese military helicopters crash over Pacific Ocean. Effort underway to recall Chicago Mayor Johnson, amid migrant crisis, persistent violent crime. Outrage as Columbia president Minouche Shafik cancels all in-person classes until the end of the semester after losing grip of anti-Israel mob. High-speed rail from Nevada to California breaks ground for planned 2028 opening. What I discovered about the real Taylor Swift when I visited her £40m home: The superfan invited into her house reveals the star's secret doors hidden in bookcases and what she keeps in the toilet. Tourist plunges 250 feet to her death into active volcano while posing for photo. How transparent aluminum could make Star Trek technology a reality? Scientists discover gigantic 'structure' under the surface of the Moon. New Jersey Congressman Donald Payne dead at age 65. More news.
Mark Zuckerberg photo from Sky News


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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 1 month ago

I looked up Anton LaVey daughter, Taylor Swift, as I had heard she was his GRANDdaughter - seems it may be true.
Do a search, but also look at this one - his daughter would have been 26 when Taylor was born...

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lavey's old wife looks just like taylor swift

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