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The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 30 Mar 2024 / In News and Politics

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Ukraine military update.

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Long Range Patrol
Long Range Patrol 2 months ago

I like how the video points out that attrition is happening on aircraft that are not in action in Ukraine simply due to higher usage, and needing to operate at a higher pace throughout their territory. This is also true for all vehicles on both sides.

I think the notion that Putin would try to invade Europe is extremely foolish. He has a number of friendly Russian-speaking people in Eastern Ukraine, who wanted to unite with Russia and were frustrated with their own, anti-Russian government. There are similar pockets in their bordering countries, but not much anywhere else. The Slav enclaves in the Balkens are also friendly, but isolated and being overrun by Muslims, so such an invasion would not be viable. Further, Europe has plenty of forces to stop an invasion into Poland or Finland. The Baltic republics would obviously be a target, but if the Russians try for that, they almost certainly lose Konigsburg as well. They could always invade their Muslim former states to the south, but obviously Europe doesn't care as much about that, and that is not their stated scare tactic.

Russia should be recruiting White Christians from all over the world. Offer them land, and to stay out of their business. Let them settle in the Russian heartland, let them hunt and fish, and let them own guns. They would get many who would be happy to come homestead out there. That would build up their nation, much more than a brother war in Ukraine.

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