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William Cooper Was A Surprisingly Clear Thinker, Trying to Solve Humanity's Traitor-Problem

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Published on 25 Sep 2021 / In People and Blogs

Cooper did not realize that the Mystery School Cult was created and guided by Homo capensis, the ancient wicked masters also called the Satan-race.

The ancient Homo capensis used to rule the Earth before the Velikovsky Cataclysms. His book "Worlds in Collision" was publicly burned by the Freemasons because it exposed their masters and what they worshipped... the secret societies wanted their religion to remain secret as the slaughtered the sheeple of the past.

Today, now that the Freemasons rebuilt the Tower-Of-Babel again they seem to have extra collective powers of knowledge and surveillance:

The Freemasons have joined up with the ancient Homo capensis to help them extinct the Homo sapiens species in exchange for a fake mind-upload into A.I.

The Freemasons are proving to be too stupid to see through the deception and brainwashing by the Satan-race to trick the Cult to genocide their human species away for a multi-level lie... for just a lie... the height of stupidity, yet the Freemason hoodwinks and gloats at the "profane" with wicked-intent sacrificing the innocent humans of good-intent:

Bill death shot had powder burns which means the Freemasons assassinated him rather than help him.

Draw your line in the sand:

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JamesRoss 17 days ago  

Cant find the 1993 Mystery Babylon Series? I uploaded it to MEGA:

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