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William Cooper - Exposes Alex Jones aka Bill Hicks for a FRAUD Commited December 31, 1999

JamesRoss - 753 Views
Published on 16 Dec 2021 / In People and Blogs


I knew there was something wrong with Jones back in 2014, but there was no William Cooper around to help out with the dis-infowar... assassinated by the Freemasons in order to flock the sheep over to Hicks as a secretly masonic, fake-patriot called Alex Jones, the comedian Bill Hicks.

In April 2018 Hicks admitted "The purpose of Infowars is done, everything from here on is just gravy."
I was waiting for Jones to say something less obvious than that!!! BAMMM!
I thought the Hicks stuff was unlikely 10-14 years ago, but this guy(linked above) set me straight, even though I no longer bothered with the fake Alex Jones, already.

Hicks' real purpose for controlled opposition was(and still is) to hide the rebuilding of the Tower-Of-Babel by mainly his Fellow Freemasons... the brainchip-hivemind is now the secret-army-of-thUgs controling their secret WWIII which started with the Covid-19 or "Satan's Sheep Slaughter". Officially begining with stripping the presidential seal off of the Trump podium on April 1st, 2020:

No doubt, William Cooper would eventually have discovered the TOB as their "Great Work" towards the world-wide enslavement of humanity and exposed it, so the thUgs assassinated Cooper a few weeks after the 9/11 demolition illusion viewed from under the Washington Arch.

Cooper's "CAJI" would have sky-rocketed in popularity if Cooper was allowed to live. The Freemasons wanted Hick to replace Cooper as the world patriotic voice for fake-freedom.

Why hasn't any person stepped up to continue Coopers CAJI and help save the USA from the Freemasons? Are they all assassinated, too?

Which you can see, Bill Hicks is a liar just like Cooper claimed...
The people behind Bill Hicks are within the Mystery School of murderous and genocidal thUgs.

The Cover Photo was the trigger event that initiated the assassination of William Cooper. Cooper already predicted the second attack upon the WTC and so the Freemasons went through with the long plotted demolition of the symbolic twin towers placed upon fake-money also used to help destroy the USA and replace the continent with"New Atlantis". Cooper exposed the Freemasonic Cult plan for "New Atlantis" here:

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Jiggles 12 months ago

"You're right, I AM the devil" -Alex Jones 12/16/2021 when asked by a caller who questioned why his "reset wars" course, cost $200?

Rip Mr. Cooper.

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JamesRoss 12 months ago

Hour Of The Time is allowing downloads of Cooper's "Behold a Pale Horse" , but would like a donation for their efforts keeping the bandwidth publicly available:
Thanks for your patronage

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JamesRoss 12 months ago

I found William Cooper's autopsy at Hour Of The Time .com It appears that the final shot to the head left stippling which is power burns.
This happened after 8 gunshot wounds and 5 to the chest area. Cooper was also struck on the forehead while dying defending his home.
The gun powder stippling means it was likely the last shot fired unless they kept blasting him as the Freemasons walked away.
God save America... Nobody could bring the assassination out in the open, that he was shot to the head just a few inches away... nobody cared enough to expose the Freemasonic Luciferians like what Cooper tried to do?

Wow... Cooper thought he would become a martyr if the Luciferians murdered him... was he that much "out to lunch" about the USA?

The autopsy report shows that Cooper was assassinated inches away from his head shot wound coming from someone standing over him. Likely he was sitting down as he got 5 chest wounds as the Freemasons walked up to him. Pummeled across the forehead and then shot in the ear. Read the autopsy, it has been on for 20 years.

No wander the Freemasons are so bold as to force the sheeple into accepting lethal injections and then say little about the neighbours who die... Humans are so naive, aren't we.

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