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What Is The Astral Plane? | The Astral Plane Explained Part 5

The Human Collective
Published on 26 Sep 2022 / In Spiritual

A question that is often asked, "what is the Astral Plane?". The Astral Plane explained in this video is the etheric realm that we experience during Astral Travel, Lucid Dreaming, Out of Body Experience (OBE), Remote Viewing, and Deep Meditative States.

For many, astral travel may be a puzzling notion. For lucid dreamers, it bears striking resemblances with internally generated wake induced lucid dreams (WILDs), and is often associated with third eye activation (the pineal gland). Interestingly, the core experience of astral projection, out of body experiences, sleep paralysis and wake induced lucid dreams are very similar.

As you dissociate from your body, you begin to feel as if you're floating. Your mind shuts off awareness from your physical body. As long as you are awake, and your body falls asleep, you will naturally transfer your awareness to a more flexible replica body, known as your light body or higher self. You could describe this as a spirit or astral body. Or you could call it your lucid dream body. It's all about perspective.

The dream state, or astral plane, experience will be highly subjective. If astral projection is real, spiritualists would see angels and UFOlogists would see extra terrestrials, because that's what they expect to see. It depends on your mind and, as in a lucid dream, is driven by conscious and unconscious expectations.

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