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Walking in Faith Part 7: The Dreamer

Resurrection Life of Jesus Church
Published on 21 Apr 2024 / In Spiritual

Most Christians are familiar with the story of Joseph but a common mistake is that we already know the outcome of his life but he lived his life day to day and it is important to examine it from his viewpoint. God needed a man to bring the children of Israel to Egypt and Joseph was selected but the plan called for thirteen years of training to make him ready to for a high position of leadership.

These years would be hard but God had prepared Joseph by giving him two dreams that told him he would be a ruler sometime in the future. God used the hate of his older brothers to bring Joseph to Egypt where he learned the language and ran the finances of Potiphar's affluent household. Then he was moved to prison where he learned patience, more about finances and how to handle angry men.

Thirteen years later God moved Joseph to the court of Pharaoh and promoted him to Prime Minister of Egypt. This message will show you how God prepares His people before they can do great tasks.
Sermon Outline:

RLJ-1309 -- SEPTEMBER 25, 2011

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