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Vaxxed people can’t fly, spiked protein causing mad cow disease, Senate exposes Covid Lie, Coinbase stealing from customers and more!

3D to 5D Consciousness
3D to 5D Consciousness - 14,243 Views
Published on 13 Jun 2021 / In Spiritual

It’s become official now, they are announcing on news that vaxxed people can’t fly because they are at risk of getting blood clots. They are also causing road accidents from passing out at the wheel. Scientists and doctors are finding out that the spiked protein when it crosses the blood brain barrier, it causes mad cow disease. The Senate officially denounce the mainstream narrative about Covid and exposes all the corrupt players in the scamdemic. Coinbase involved in stealing customer’s funds through the dashboard area.

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Spiritual beings of Love

We are Spiritual beings of Love, Light and Truth.

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dennis_oosting 1 month ago

i intentionally try to ask people why wear masks if they dont protect US ( the non sick) why EVERYONRE needs to wear it.. also i cant believe how many covidiots tell me to just take the vaccine without ever knowing what is in it .. goverment says so so it should be true.. then i ask the people why there are no doctors or medical staff on tv telling you how to handle the virus why its only goverment and the like who says what to do instead of letting doctors on tv? everyone just angrily curses at me or say source or your talking crap or you need to just faccinate and stfu. what kinda policy is that either vaccinate and live free( which you dont clearly) or dont and get no access to anything because corona passport not aquired

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jud lewis
jud lewis 1 month ago

Nyla The FAKE

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JamesRoss 1 month ago

Oh wow! Nice 5D body, Nyla... She is promoting Seth's concept of All-That-Is so she has earn a free massage from my strong hands... because I am single... I would not offer her body a free massage if I were married.

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JamesRoss 1 month ago

Very good point @ 9:00 "Double standards"
In Canada, Brainchipped zombie/assassin bio-robot... Vincent Li was heterodyned by the brain interface by the secret-society masons to murder innocent Timothy McLean (who likely saw too much Cult activity working as a carny, they offered him to join the wwCult in order to keep him quiet, but he rejected to join)... Vincent Li was used as a bio-robot assassin, was convinced he was mentally ill by the Freemasonic Cult and then released back into society because he was innocent of the act. They gave Vincent a new name.:

Nyla, if you expose the brainchipped assassin/zombies are actually bio-robots hidden within all societies to help bring in the NWO. You will be awakening the 3D people!!!

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JamesRoss 1 month ago

Lovely comment @ 35:00, Nyla, All-That-Is is watching everything we are doing and lovingly nurturing our level of consciousness to learn to become loving Caretakers of our Planet. The Secret-Societies like Freemasons and Eastern Stars are all brainwashed to serve the ancient thUg-race that Seth calls "Lumanians"... They are the Satan-race in the bible. Philip Schneider shot two under Dulce, New Mexico, but the Freemasons assassinated Schneider:

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tenthangel 1 month ago

A vaccine for a pandemic that can be cured by aspirin.

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