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This is the one MELBOURNE PROTEST video they don't want you to see

TwoFeather - 265 Views
Published on 21 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

The protest outside CFMEU headquarters in Melbourne marked a watershed moment for the union and the Labor Party.
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JamesRoss 27 days ago

After and before each protest gathering the Auzzies need to organize a movement to replacing the Mystery School Cult Freemasons and Eastern-Stars running Gov, Police, education, universities, hospitals, medical professionals, military... there are only a few tens of thousands of these murderous thUgs ruling everything that has "authority" attached to it. They had to take over the authority before the fascist take-over. This goes with all countries...
Buy scanners and identify the thUgs/sheepdogs following orders from the secret-hivemind:
You can identify that they are linked up to the Tower-Of-Babel this easy:

Mark them as a potential traitor to humanity and prepare them for WWIII war crimes. I know they are criminals because they have been secretly trying to murder me with poisons and accidents for 15 years, now. I have a scar on my face that they razor-bladed onto me back in 2013 for resisting so much and not dying. haa haaa... I think the thUgs are doomed in this world. They will have to leave with their fake New Atlantis to make way for a more worthy future civilization that is going to sweep them all away.

The murderous thUgs pushing their genocide of Homo sapiens will have to go hide out with their ancient satan-race deep down in their bottomless pit:

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