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Phil Schneider (Engineering Deep Underground Military Bases) Was Tricked to Mistake Homo capensis for ET Aliens

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Published on 18 Sep 2021 / In Non-profits and Activism


DUMBs Part 1:
DUMBs Part 2:
DUMBS Part 3:

Jane Roberts and Seth description of the origins of Phil's "aliens"... Phil actually found a hive of Remnant-Lumanians who cannot effectively interbreed with humans, but they tried...

When you look at the Velikovsky-cataclysms that kept resetting humanity back to zero... the capensis influenced bible called the loving Creator-God "jealous and vengeful" which is not true. capensis just wanted to revitalize their own genetics and get rid of all the other hominids off of Earth. We are in the probable world that will go forth to human spiritual-expansion. Homo capensis is genetically incapable of spiritual-expansion due to lack of vitality as explained by Seth. A Remnant thUg came to stare at me in a library in Winnipeg, so yes, they are still amoungst us... And I saw hate in his eyes as he glared at me... haaa! Hell deep in the Earth's crust is too good for these ancient thUgs trying to extinct the last Earthling hominid... they all need to be sent back to Mars. They refused to follow God's blueprint millions of years ago and now they manipulate our species for extinction through their minions, the Freemasons and Knights Templars(and other thUgs). The human traitors should follow their masters right back to Mars. What pathetic traitors to their own species expecting a mind-upload, but they will never get a real one, haaa!

These Lumanians who ruled the Proto-Saturnic Solar-System were millions, maybe hundreds of millions of years blocking the Creator-God's blueprint for mankind using their A.I. supercomputing-godlike technology to give them longer almost non-aging lives. So when we look at ancient architecture... our civilization is just a few thousand years old due to the Velikovsky-cataclysms: The ancient ruins are obviously not constructed between Western Civilization and the Stone-age. They were past civilizations.

Megalithic suppressed History
Thunderbolt cataclysms upon Earth:
More Ancient Designs:
Mystery History:

You should be getting a feel for who these Homo capensis are, now, it take a bit of critical thinking to really realize truth and see through the brainwashing the the Cult does to the non-Cult-sworn people: Homo capensis appears to be the same... the Lumanians that ruled Mars, then Earth;
Where does Homo capensis genetics come from? They ruled many planets back in the Garden Of Eden era:
The cataclysms destroyed their most powerful original civilization and the Remnant-Lumanians want to show dominance over the Creator-God's blueprint for mankind once again... I don't think they are worthy of this quest:

The Mystery School Cult never wants a non-Cult-sworn to know the truth.
The Cult taught Phil lies so if he defected from serving the Cult, then he would be still playing their game to dis-inform or misinform the general public. But all critical thinkers can still use the truthful, eye-witness knowledge that Phil explains in his exposure lectures to ufo-seekers and constitutional-patriots.

Phil ended up strangled by medical equipment hose which Freemasonic police claimed was a suicide. His ex-wife claimed that the treatment centers where Phil was told to go to for treatment suddenly disappeared... So, what the Freemasons were doing was poisoning Phil to make him more and more sick... I know they do this, almost every restaurant I go into, if it is owned or managed by a Cult-minion, I can expect some kind of poisoning to occur, but since this is my main probable-world, if the poisoning is so severe that it could kill me, then the multiverse mechanics may end up destroying my adversary instead.
You see, this was not Phil's main probable-world, so the thUgs managed to murder him.
In phil's main probable-world, the thUgs would never be able to murder him do to the mechanics of the Creator-Gods multidimensional physical framework.
The Freemasonic thUgs have changed their soul's through their collective acts of attempting to murder my ass of this planet. But the Creator-God designed this multiverse to entrap the unworthy. The unworthy Freemasonic and Eastern-Star thUgs have entrapped themselves into the mechanics of the multiverse in a negative way, now.
After 15 years of Freemasons trying to murder me (I would often spidey-sense their Freemasonic assassin setups and just avoid their thUggery), one would think some intelligence would come to the surface, but the sheepdogs just keep biting me with one thing in mind... "I want to be the thUg who takes down the immortal JamesRoss", haa haa. I am not physically immortal... I die all the time in lessor probable-worlds where I do not want to explore. We are all multidimensional being, but our physical senses can be enhanced by developing the inner-senses which all of us have and can explore to defy the monsters0.5 Freemasons and other Mystery School thUgs. You see, within this multiverse of many time-lines and time-overlays and probabilities which your physical senses do not perceive, you are all practically, seemingly, immortal from your own perspective, but from the perspective of others they can kill you if they try and then their soul-fragment begins to decay as being unworthy of remaining within your main probable-world. I have thousands of unworthy Freemasons and Eastern-Star thUgs who are on the way out of this probable world which is effectively mine... and the thUgs who cannot murder me are beginning to realize that this is really the case and I am not kidding them... they are spiritually fucked-up by being a murderous, pathetic and unworthy thUg. Does this sound strange to you?

There will be no murderous salvation within this probable world for any thUg. They will be held for trial within the new system of civilization as we clean-up the Freemasonic mess that the ancient Homo capensis thUgs have instigated to extinct our species.
You also are immortal within your main probabilities where you want to be.

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