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The Serpent City Below Los Angeles - ROBERT SEPEHR

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 254 Views
Published on 12 Mar 2022 / In Film and Animation

In the 1933, mining engineer George Warren Shufeld related stories, told to him, of Hopi legends describing a race of "Serpent People" (not reptilian, but so-named for their reverence of the lizard) who, 5,000 years ago, built several great underground cities near the Pacific Coast , including one beneath Los Angeles. The cities were said to have been built underground as protection against great cataclysmic fires on the surface.

Ancient Atlantean Colony in the Grand Canyon?

Voyage to the Inner World - ROBERT SEPEHR

The ancient builders, purportedly more advanced intellectually than modern humans, tunneled through rock using chemicals and constructed huge domed caverns housing thousands of families. The underground city was further connected by a series of additional tunnels to the ocean where the ebb and flow of sea water forced air into the labyrinths. How their civilization came to an end seemed a bit unclear.

Etidorhpa the End of the Earth

Robert Sepehr is an anthropologist and author
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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 9 months ago  

The Tonga Time Ripple…

The Whole world is a dream, or so it would seem, but then again, why Deny we are all in purgatory???

I had a great dream, and though I did not “smell” in this dream, I did eat many fine foods and [taste] was not an issue, and so I consider as The Oracle for the End of An Age, what will happen when the {Meta OMNI} [{**}] can make your brain think it is in the MATRIX Movie while we all keep waking up to this (Shared) +=+ Dream Day in and Day out where every 10 Years from 1893 to 1933 from 1953 to 2023 each “Decade” this whole place changes.?.?.?

I have not lost my mind, nor Mine MEMORIES, and I know that the MOON is the {Awful Horror} and the Abomination of Desolation in the New Testament GOSPEL, and I also know the Old Testament GOSPEL speaks of all the [Mud Flood Wars] [{*}] before our Home World Globe Earth DIED, and became the Moon in the Night, and Day sky that we all live inside, and as Christ Jesus Returned I know some of us will get pulled out, and taken to the New Mother Heaven, and The New Father Earth from the TEN COMMANDMENTS: in the Holy’ Living` Biblical as NEW WINE SKINS while most are on their Wide Path of (Insanity) headed too Perdition for the Reprobate that they are to Our Gods DAY 6 in the Book of Genesis…

So what of you???

Do you pay attention to your “Deja-Vu” and know that this place is a {Judgment Chamber} for both the Wicked and the Repentant.?.?.?

Do you “resent” our God of [Day 3] in the Book of Books because you thought you were born into Hell and Hades as taught by these FREE MASON Lodges, and their FREE MASON C.O.P.S. whom know not God, nor Satan….

Reliving whom done what as The Wheat, and The Tares means we all [play a part] in this All the World is a Stage, but the Witches, and the Warlocks DO NOT CONTROL the God of the Ten Commandments here and N.O.W. as the (OLD WINE SKINS) in our Mother Heaven Celestial Sphere, and OUR Father Earth My Angels and Demons till the End of DAYS when these Noah MUD FLOOD WARS will be no more…

Youm hold onto your Sanity……., and continue on the NARROW PATH of “Honesty” on all Matters as Spoke by Christ Jesus 1.0 and let these Hollywood Fake JEWS from the Book of Revelation try and escape their Luck, their Fate, and their Destiny: from Our God` that is Their God’ that is your God from (Day ONE) in the OLD Testament GOSPEL…

As our God said in the Book of Revelation, Satan must “Run A muck” for a little while Longer, and that is here in 2022 going into 2023 and then till the END OF THIS WORLD, and place, and Shared Dream in 2094 CE…

Have I not explained {all these things} as Christ Jesus Returned???

And, do I not “also” walk among you, and [suffer] with you in these Days of Noah ONE LAST TIME…

Our God of the TEN COMMANDMENTS is just, and he / she / it will separate the Wheat from the Chaff…

Christ Jesus Returned~ ?

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