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Ellen Lee Zhou: The Common sense Mayoral candidate for a city that's out of control

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Published on 05 Apr 2024 / In News and Politics

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Ellen Lee Zhou San Francisco Mayoral Candidate 2019
Vote November 5, 2019

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Love is action!

San Francisco is one of the most famous and beautiful cities in the world, and also the home town of ultra-left politics. Everyone has seen the consequences of condoning crimes, nomads, marijuana, tenants and rituals. It is causing troubles in families, schools and society in other cities of the Bay Area like chronic viruses, even in California and spreading across the country.

If you see countless lightning patches this year, you should be aware of that there are problems in many places! It won't work without standing up! If we do not patch small hole, the disaster is coming, and there even no place for a clean and calm desk.

A good policy, everyone benefits, a bad policy, protest through your whole life or even generations. There has been a corrupted generation in the United States. The generation has had a hard life, and the whole society has suffered! San Francisco is the mother of political evil forces, the cradle of the extreme Democratic Party and the source of evil policies in California and the Bay Area.

The current acting mayor of San Francisco has been indulging in the release of criminals since she took office. Malignant cases have emerged in an endless stream, and everyone is at risk. Recently, youth correctional institutions have to be banned. In addition, she spent a lot of money to please the homeless, to give a green light to the safe injection house, but face with 17% increase in the number of visitors and a self-proclaimed "criminal rate"! Yes, the criminals are exempted and what else. San Francisco spent so much money in vain, feeding the next non-profit organization, government spending $3900-17000/month for one homeless, but eventually the homeless get less than 800 in hand, where did the rest of money go? Above all, the road in San Francisco is pitted, and repair is long overdue!

Ellen Lee Zhou adheres to the principle, insists on telling the truth, posing facts, and is not tempted by interest groups. Her speech is full of emotions and touches people. As a social worker, she has the most direct understanding of many issues in San Francisco, but it is rare to broadcast the media. Why? Everyone should understand that people all had their cheese, then you are a small potato, who cares?

She may not rich, not powerful, but she has the ambition and strength. May she and the San Francisco citizens take the ants to eat elephants, rebuild a government that truly belongs to the people, revitalize San Francisco, block the invasion of evil forces in California and steal the rights that belong to everyone! Please lend a helping hand, contribute the money, and help out on campaign. This is not only help the society, but also helps yourself and your next generation: $10, $500 is the personal limit, and the couple is up to $1000. (Donations cannot be tax deductible.) Please join forces!

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