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The Nuclear Family Is White Supremacist

AmericanRenaissance - 5,021 Views
Published on 30 Nov 2021 / In News and Politics

Jared Taylor explains that stable families are "white supremacist" because blacks and Hispanics are less likely than whites to have them. Rather than encourage marriage for everyone, lefties want to abolish "family privilege." If non-whites can't meet standards, abolish them.

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Long Range Patrol
Long Range Patrol 6 months ago

If everything good is considered "White Supremacy," than if you want to be good, you should be a White Supremacist.

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Larry Thorne
Larry Thorne 1 year ago

Our enemies have done this

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JamesRoss 1 year ago

Yes, a few days before JFK lost his brains he exposed the secret-societies(Freemasons) and wanted them out of politics:

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JamesRoss 1 year ago

But the Freemasons are just the sheepdogs, I have noticed. They follow the agendas from their ancient masters, the Homo capensis whom which all secret society minions are sworn to keep secret from the "profane sheep." One of Karen less treacherous exposures of Homo capensis:

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For Ourselves And Our Posterity

The Marxist Mob hates good families. They are evil, and Christendom needs to call them out.

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JamesRoss 1 year ago

Even Yuri Bezmenov could not say Freemason/Luciferian/Mystery-School-Cult. He just called them: "the system."

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