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The Law of Attraction | Dr John Demartini

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Published on 14 Jun 2021 / In Health

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About This Video:
Our innermost dominant thought becomes our outermost tangible reality. Go beyond the fantasies that set people up for self depreciation, and discover the key practical ingredients that you can use to leverage this law. The law of attraction is about congruency and staying focused on what's most meaningful to you. Dr John Demartini helps you learn how to see the synchronicities and opportunities that surround you, take action and manifest what you'd really love in life.

00:00 - Intro, The Secret
01:18 - Don't waste time with goals and intentions not highest on your values
07:08 - Sensory Awareness
10:54 - Raise something into a higher value
13:00 - Manifestation and prioritizing your life
19:00 - Don't go after fantasies
20:47 - Surround yourself with exactly how you want your life
27:13 - Free Gift: Awakening Your Astronomical Vision
28:11 - Free Masterclass: Finding Purpose and Meaning on Your Path to Self Mastery

About Dr John Demartini:
Dr. John Demartini is a human behavior specialist, a polymath, philosopher, international speaker and best-selling author. He has recently been awarded the IAOTP Top Human Behavior Specialist of the Year as well as the IAOTP Lifetime Achievement Award.

His work is a summation of over 299 different disciplines synthesized from the greatest minds in most fields of study today. His extensive curriculum focuses on helping purpose driven individuals master their lives so that they’re able to more extensively serve humanity with their inspired vision and mission.

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