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Louise Hay: It's Time For You To Accept The Money You Want | Law Of Attraction

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Published on 14 Apr 2023 / In Spiritual

Louise Hay: It's Time For You To Accept The Money You Want | Law Of Attraction

In this video, Louise Hay emphasises the importance of bringing love and positivity into every aspect of our lives, including work. She encourages us to look within ourselves to learn the best lessons from uncomfortable situations and not to be influenced by negative people who may try to bring us down.

Louise Hay also stresses the power of our beliefs in manifesting abundance and financial wealth, and the need to go beyond our fears and limitations. She suggests affirmations such as "my income is constantly increasing" and "I go beyond my parents' income level" to help us change our consciousness and attract more prosperity.

The video also discusses the importance of healthy relationships in the workplace and how we can change our attitude towards negative co-workers by focusing on their good qualities instead. Hay also shares her experience of owning a business and the importance of operating on spiritual principles such as affirmations, rather than competition and greed.

Ultimately, Hay believes that every experience in life, both positive and negative, can teach us valuable lessons and empower us to enjoy everything that life has to offer. By trusting in the divine intelligence and constantly seeking to improve ourselves, we can create a more abundant and fulfilling life.

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