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Michael Williamson
Michael Williamson - 141 Views
Published on 16 Aug 2022 / In News and Politics

I had forgotten about this man's interview and the "pencil into a window screen" example , now I need to share it back out, years ago NYT published about National Emergencies, it was and is not all of them we have every reason to suspect. 9/11/01 was the 'new Pearl Harbor" the Intelligence Community needed to make look legitimate what they had already been doing since the late 1960s our domestic #talpiot program spying on everyone the tech being developed would allow. When Snowden leaks came out it gave some scant 'street cred' to the 'tin foil hat' types for being justified in their apparent 'paranoia' , yet most were too willing to be ignorant with "I am doing nothing wrong , I have nothing to hide', well no you don't it is all going in #Xkeyscore files in several locations as capacity has allowed for years to store 5 years or more of your activity AROUND and using prison cell phones, I call #VoluntaryAnkleBracelets as your link to the "matrix" or #ConstructiveFraudThatIsTheInternet which is doing mass 'sentiment management' under the concept of the " absolute right of the government to supervise the formation of public opinion" found at

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