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Invasion & Betrayal !!!.mp4

JamesRoss - 71 Views
Published on 25 Apr 2024 / In People and Blogs

This is it! The illegals immigrants are the invading forces who are now standing around ready to be fed, housed, entertained as rapers of the naive and unfortunate.
When the SHTF... it will also be arranged by the Luciferian-Freemasons left in postions of authority to railroad the sheeple towards the NWO-takeover of Police-state communism. The illegal immigrants are set-up to be the scapegoats behind which the Freemasons and techno-thUgs will hide behind and blame for societal collapse.
Just like shown in the animation "I, Pet Goat II" the Freemasons will sabotage Islam after the useful idiots serve no purpose for their NWO-takeover. The confusion is also to hide the secret army of brainchip-hivemind traitor-freemasons who live amoungst the sheeple and pretend to be one of the outspoken sheep... but of course acting as a judas goat to lead his/her followers in the wrong direction and towards destruction of the West. Since 2020, the hivemind is working world-wide to genocide the dumbed-down sheeple who are oblivious of WWIII being conducted from the shadows by traitors. Traitors need to hide, so they bring in the fake asylum-seekers with a pact of favortism from the Freemasons in authority, you see. All is going as the NWO master sheepherders planed. Now Ai is running all the digital controls that the freemasons have converted from analog controls... this means Ai can act more fully as their new fake-god.

To understand why the Freemasons and secret societies running the military give the illegal invaders safe passage, you must understand that WWIII began in 2020 with "Operation Covid-19" which removed any employee who rejected the clot-shot. The ones who took the clot-shot get sick and die as the wicked minions of the cUlt snicker that they are taking over the world for their Luciferian religion. They laugh at the death in Ukraine and Gaza... the wars are fireworks to hide the conversion of Western Civilization into the NWO of techno-thUgs rising their fake-Utopia... call it "thUgtopia."

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