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The Hypnotic State - colour coding for the masses.

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Published on 18 Jan 2022 / In News and Politics

Colour is a hacking tool for the mind. It is also employed by the state to control human behaviour. Colours transmit at varying wavelengths and trigger a wide range of emotional responses. The subconscious reacts to colour on a primal level, whilst society manufactures cultural association and meaning. By utilising the language of colour, the state can use this contradiction to induce mass cognitive dissonance.

A lot of money has been spent on colour psychology, testing their effects on the public to enhance the control grid of the state. A sequence of contrasting tones, cycled through different combinations, can briefly disengage critical thinking. The pretty lights and colours of the technocracy dazzle our minds with subconscious triggers, like a rabbit in the headlights, society exists in a perpetual state of shock.

Red lights are intended to cause subconscious rage, especially on the road. Yet the colour remains a paradox, for it incites both love and hate. It’s the colour of the nuclear emergency code, def-con one, the sacred heart, every stop sign in the world, and it even marks an area for prostitution.

Colours contribute to the principle of divide and rule, and pervade every aspect of our society. The most powerful of all are black and white. Used by the state to create conflict and division, steer opinion, and skew argument. Black and white are the colours of the masonic checkerboard, and linguistically, are treated as a statement of fact. Yet when the two are blended together they turn grey. The colour of neutrality, monotony, conformity.

If we can’t break our colour coded programming and resist the hypnotic state, there may come a time when all colour is cancelled, and inside every mind, there’ll be nothing but grey.

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