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The fury of heaven has hit Australia! A hail the size of a ball has destroyed Me.mp4

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Published on 10 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics

The fury of heaven has hit Australia! A hail the size of a ball has destroyed Melbourne!
Disasters124 views8 Oct 2021
One day, after the sand, heavy hail the size of a golf ball hit southeast Australia. The hail damaged buildings and cars in the Australian capital, including Canberra and other major cities. House of Parliament and trees in Victoria were also damaged. The country's emergency services received more than 1. 2 thousand requests for help in connection with the hurricane, two of the victims need treatment due to their injuries. The South Wales Weather Bureau in Wales has issued an emergency warning of impending extreme weather ahead of the disaster. The warning will remain relevant for the northern and northwestern states of the country. In the past, hurricanes in New South Wales caused by hurricanes were caused by sandstorms. The Australian Meteorological Bureau cited the video from a microblog user who posted the video on his Twitter page. It shows a large dusty cloud approaching the city. "Day turns into night," - noted in the message of forecasters. The Guardian, citing the weather bureau, reports that the wind speed reached 94-107 km / h. It was also raining and Victoria was greeted, where in the morning the Australian Government Emergency Service received 1,453 requests for assistance. Heavy rains have replaced wildfires in Australia last week. Showers took place in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. However, most of Australia continues to suffer from fire. Victoria still has 14 wildfires. The natural disaster destroyed 8. 4 million hectares of forest and nearly 2,000 residential buildings. As a result of the cataclysms, at least 27 people died. the environmental group Earth Alliance, founded by actor Leonardo DiCaprio, has donated $ 3 million to put out a fire in Australia.

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