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Heavy hail has hit Australia! The houses in Adelaide are destroyed!.mp4

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Published on 08 Nov 2021 / In News and Politics

One day, after a sandstorm in south-eastern Australia, thick snow the size of a golf ball fell. This was reported by The Guardian in relation to meteorologists. Snow from damaged buildings and vehicles, including Australia’s capital Canberra and other crowded areas. In Victoria, California, California. The country’s emergency services received more than 1. 2 million requests for help in connection with the storm, two victims in need of help because of their injuries. The Australian Meteorological Office of South Wales has issued an emergency warning of impending bad weather before the outbreak. This warning applies to the northern and northwestern states of the country. In the past, New South Wales has experienced sandstorms caused by hurricanes. The Australian Met Office tweeted a video of a microblogging user posting a video on his page. It shows a large cloud of dust approaching the city. “The day turns into night,” weather forecasters said. The Guardian quoted the meteorological office as saying wind speeds were 94-107 km / h. Victoria also expressed her joy and delight when the Australian Government Rescue Service received 1,453 requests for help this morning. In Australia last week, wildfires gave way to heavy rain. It rained in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. However, much of Australia is still affected by wildfires. Victoria has 14 more fires. More than 1 billion animals have died in wildfires since the fall of 2019. Natural disasters have destroyed 8. 4 million acres of forest and approximately 2,000 residential buildings. The outbreak killed at least 27 people. In mid-January, the Earth Group, an environmental group founded by actor Leonardo DiCaprio, donated £ 3 million to help fight bush fires in Australia.

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