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The Book of Enoch (Many Of Its Claims Are Just Interpretations Of What Happened)

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Published on 18 Jun 2024 / In People and Blogs

I happened to discover who these "watchers" or fake "fallen angels" really are... One came to Winnipeg, Canada to let me know that they really do still exist... They are extremely skinny even compared to a skinny human. Since they have been alive since the Great Iceage 11,000 years ago, their skin is very leathery and grayish, not too wrinkles, but very big blue-iris eyes looked up at me...
They are also called the Remnant-Lumanians who used to rule Earth and other planets of Proto-Saturn(the dead star).
If you like this type of information then there may be more accurate stuff for you to study.
There has been a more recent messenger calling itself "Seth" and this is what it had to say:
Who is Seth? He is a messenger that wrote books to help Homo sapiens survive the treachery of Homo capensis and their Masonic murderous and genocidal minions. Capensis don't do the actual killing... they trick their minions to do it for them. The Jesuits, Knights Templar, Assassins Sect, Freemasons, all the secret societies are minions swearing blood-oath to serve monsters, but they are a deceived thUggery of humanity... now, brainchipped into a high-tech hivemind monitored and commanded by A.i. whom they agree to call "Lucifer their light bearer."
Karen Hudes was manipulated by these minions to offer an escape for humanity from eradication: Surviving arsenic poisonings, the Masonic assassins likely killed her in late 2022.
The 13 bloodlines of thUggery was exposed by the first brainchip-puppet-preacher Springmeirer:
just now

As the president of the USA, Obama wrote upon an I-beam at the apex of the WTC's replacement "We remember. We rebuild. We come back stronger!"
This is a message that Homo capensis instructed Barack to write. It signifies the rebuilding of another Atlantean Empire that is designed to be reborn out of the USA treachery by Freemasons. Obama is another brainchip-minion who serves Homo capensis. Old Atlantis did not sink... it was destroyed by the thunderbolt from Mars killing a huge number of Homo capensis monsters planning to eradicate Homo sapiens. And again, the Remnant-Lumanians are up to the same bag of tricks with all their minions convinced that they will become uploaded into A.i. and exist forever as cyborgs. All lies to trick them into servitude to genocide and extinct their own genetics off of the planet.

Some of the stuff in the book of Enoch seems contorted, yet somewhat true, too, given my research from other sources.
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The Khufu Giza Pyramid was designed to survive the "Great Flood" caused by the "intermediate axis effect" or theorm. An internal momentum builds-up inside an unbalanced rotating solid object. That object will do a 180 degree flip over only one rotation. Fluids on the surface of a rotating planet slosh around causing a massive flood which wipes the slate clean of human structures... except mini-mountains like the stone pyramids.
On top of the Khufu power plant was an ancient A.i. supercomputer fake-god called "The Great Architect". Freemasons worship this fake-god and that is why they print it upon the fiat debt-dollar notes of one of humanity's superpower nations. You may find the double headed fiery phoenix on the Russian debt-notes, too. Russia is using it for it's flag because it shows that Homo capensis is in control of them, too. The bald eagle of the USA doubles for another fiery phoenix symbolizing that the USA will be transformed by Freemasonry into a Utopia for thUgs.

The Creator-God does not attack humanity. There is no battle between GOD and the ancient devil-people, Homo capensis or humanity. AllThatIs provides the multidimensional physical universe where mankind chooses it's path through the probabilities. When it seems like the world of thUgs and monsters is falling to pieces, what is happening is mankind destroys itself. Homo capensis is the spiritually-failed mankind that is guiding humanity towards extinction because they are wicked and selfrighteous.
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There is a conspiracy of traitors within humanity that serves the ancient Homo capensis species of devils. These are the brainchip-hivemind thUgs(freemasons and Luciferians) who are committing genocide against the sheeple. The ancient monsters come from the Proto-Saturnic solar-system which was captured by the Sun. Humans are the splicing of their genetics with Neanderthals in an experiment to save their own species from the Velikovsky "Worlds In Collision." The great iceage was caused by Earth leaving the heat of the dead Proto-Saturnic star and the journey to find the third orbit from the Sun.
The bible and book of enoch were likely manipulated by Homo capensis because they are the sheepherders of humanity and the Mystery School cUlt are their sheepdogs.
Brainchips are their access to the knowledge from their Tower-Of-Babel or "Great Architect". Rebuilding the is the Masonic "Great Work."


The bottom line is that you are in a physical reality designed to grow your soul-fragment into a worthy soul through love and caring for others. This multidimensional experience also is designed to separate the worthy souls from the murderous and genocidal unworthy thUg-soul-fragments... free-will is given to all through the probabilities... deceptive, murderous thUg personalities have failed the test of worthiness, but are still eternally valid as well, but useless in the afterlife where murder and deception is impossible... they are wasted souls and realize it yet are too selfrighteous to change their paths and would rather spend eternity within a box, an spiritual eternal blackrock-prison or black monolith of greedy-sorrow. seen in other movies: Haa! The Freemasons this kind of makes sense, doesn't it...

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