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Soft Parade revisited: Meet Jim and his MK handlers

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Published on 07 Mar 2021 / In News and Politics

Soft Parade revisited: Meet Jim and his MK handlers
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Show Notes:

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Greetings and welcome back to Daily Eagle News: Your screaming squealing the talons of truth! Today we're going to go down the rabbit hole hole of 60s music rock bands and their connections to mind control programs, satanic cults, and the Tavistock Institute. It's a pretty deep rabbit hole. Let's start by just saying that this whole one hour and 10 minute video, and its corresponding very long written shownotes is just a speculative examination of one song by the Doors, called The Soft Parade, which nobody -- up until now -- could ever begin to start comprehending, because it makes no sense on its initial surface.

We begin on the shoulders of the late Dave McGowan, author of Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon (2014): http://www.darknessisfalling.c....om/uploads/2/3/7/0/2

Dave McGowan on Weird Scenes Inside Laurel Canyon Good Vibrations # 43 w/ k Devlin

CIA Hippie Mind Control: Inside Laurel Canyon with Dave McGowan

This episode of Daily Eagle News is going to be produced in a different way. Rather than all in one shot, it's going to be produced over a day or two, so you'll have to keep coming back to see the final product. So the initial teaser is put up on YouTube because that's the one that doesn't have any material, which can cause Nazi robot censorship from YouTube. And what we're looking at here in this episode. In addition to current events as usual is a revisit of Jim Morrison and his soft parade, so called. The idea being in retrospect that Mr. Morrison was a MK Ultra survivor. And there's a lot of stuff to look at here. But in general, the soft parade. As a title track to the doors last album is just about the most opaque song they ever put down to vinyl. It's very difficult to understand. So what we're going to present here is the result of about 40 years of mulling this song over and added to about 30 years of pedigree research. Now if you take the words, soft parade and re scramble them as an anagram. You get TAPADEROS, which are these leather covers for the stirrups of equestrian gear. You'll notice that tappa DeRose is a nine letter word and soft parade is 10 letters so the missing letter is F. So you have a multiplicity of meanings here. But basically, what Jim Morrison appears to be saying, is SOT parade. As at parade, or a parade of drunkards, so he was able to slip clues past his MK Ultra handlers who in my estimation, was the rest of the band, in particular, Ray Manzerek, the keyboardist slash bassist who no one paid any attention to, got the least attention, but later he controlled the narrative, much like he controlled the front man Jim. So Manzerek was the chief handler and Patricia Courson -- the beautiful redheaded girlfriend, was Jim’s High Priestess from the cult It's worthy to note too that of all the dead rock stars from the so called the 27 Club, those who died at the tender young age of 27. All of them were either redheads or were dating redheads This includes Jimi Hendrix. And this includes Mama Cass. And this includes Janis Joplin. And even Keith Moon was dating a redhead. At the time of his death. And this is all. Well, the redhead thing is NOT listed in the book. Weird scenes Inside the Canyon by Dave McGowan but even the title of the late Mr McGowan's book itself references another Doors song (When the Music’s Over), so there's def something there with certain rock stars all coming from military families. We know Morrison liked to play around with anagrams, a satanic practice, with his “Mr. Mojo Risin” pseudonym. Anyways, the SOT parade. And TAPADEROS. You'll notice one of the lines in the song Soft Parade. They say, “leather, riders (writers), selling news.” So this might also be a reference to the Hells Angels, being the modern day cowboys and being the messenger boys for the CIA; he drug mules, so to speak. PEDOGATE. And I think that Jim Morrison was hiding a bunch of things in the lyrics of the song, soft parade. So he says, Can you give me sanctuary I must find a place to hide. A place for me to hide. Can you find me soft asylum. I can't take it any more. The man is at the door. This lyric seems after much interpretation to be a cry for help. Not from stardom and fame in excess of the rock star life. But he's running away from the cult that he was born into the pedogate, family, who eventually murders him devours him. Which is why his body is never found both figuratively and literally. Since every single bit of work. Which Jim Morrison created was cannibalized and became the property of someone else, even including his very image. But you'll have to come back for the rest of this. Until then, we have things to do today and we can't finish this all in one shot. So, please visit later. So, check out the rest of this story.


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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 1 month ago

Isn't a "fluke" a parasite, like a tapeworm is a fluke?

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 1 month ago

I hope, doubt it, but HOPE, that we all are allowed to SEE what becomes of those harming, killing children.
and free speech, & our rights. GOD will win, but we must pray nonstop.... & all this evil? We NEED to know. I was booted off Twitter 4+ years ago for calling out pedophiles (there was only 140 characters then. I would write a long list on the back on an envelope of all the pedo accounts. I'd take a picture of it & post them & ask others to RT. The bots couldn't read words in pics & we were allowed 4 pics per post. JACK IS A PEDO. (Me, The Honeybee, a few others were chasing it down the original rabbit holes). I was booted permanently. For "targeting". "I like 'em Young" was left alone there. UP CLOSE, GRAPHIC.

As for, "I can't make it anymore".... IT IS NOT OUT OF PLACE. Don't you remember the words from, "In too Deep" by Genesis: "Although I need you, I'm not gonna make this, You know I want to, but I'm in too deep"...
I was going through a divorce from the love of my life - neither of us wanted it, but impossible things were happening. Pride & sense of duty.... I can't make it. Like climbing a mountain, like pushing through what seems impossible. "Just do it" wasn't a thing back then. We didn't know what we could ignore to make it through... THE WORDS WERE CORRECT.

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 1 month ago

Only 3.5min in, but Jim Morrison drank Blood, so... your view of him sounds legit.

For the rest of you? Speed it up to 1.25 & he will sound normal / you will not leave. This is worth listening to.

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