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So was Kentucky United States after the Great Flood - So was Kentucky after Flood.mp4

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Published on 03 Mar 2021 / In News and Politics

So was Kentucky United States after the Great Flood - So was Kentucky after Flood

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

When DREAMS become reality…

WE have come too see these FREE MASON {Lies Agreed Upon} are on the TV, and in the Books, and Read by every INTERNET Magazine, and though time and space can not coalesce “forever” in a Broken Celestial Sphere Machine called: The Great Work of PURGATORY, youm know I am here, and I know youm are there, and when we [contemplate] the BLIPS from James The Impossible Channel with all his Glitches in the MATRIX of Madness where Code + Magic + Alchemy = SORCERY as the Many are “enraptured” by the RAPTURE of these {Lies Agreed Upon} where no one ever landed on the MOON and no one ever will, this TIME LOOP can lay waste to your mind and emotions if you give into too becoming just one more of The DRONES known as the (WALKING DEAD) whom must have their Hollywood TV Shows and this {NEWS} World Order of Jesuit Zionist ROMAN Centurion Catholics from the OTHER SIDE of FLAT EARTH in our “Shared” Celestial Sphere, and maybe youm just can’t help yourself that you do not want to have (De-Ja-Vu) anymore in this Oraborus Curse of the O.T.O. FAKE JEWS, and their Kabbalah Zohar Enchantments of Entrapment's known as Chaldeans…

You should know if you have RECEIVED that {Holy Spirit} from the NEW TESTAMENT that youm do get pulled out, and though all I know about being “chosen” too be The Oracle for the end of this age where once I die, I become The New Source of All Creation and All Destruction in this WORLD MACHINE with its INNER EARTH {D.U.MB.S.} and passages and portals to the Southern Hemisphere of Hell, and Hades, and THE WORLD OF THE DEAD, and I know you can deny you see things when you sleep and slumber, but regardless if your Dreams Haunt you and Taught you, there are many of we whom have done BATTLE with the EDISON A.I. [whilst we sleep] in those VR Dream Visions, and we have defeated (that monster) whom used to get into our Heads while resting in our beds, and as I watch this ALL THIS WORLD IS A STAGE {prolong our misery} in THE SHOW MUST GO ON of (COVID-19) known as the new Military Term of DEPOPULATION for JADE HELM 15’ my visions and my insight are just {to guide you} to the NARROW PATH of Honesty on all matters, and get youm home whence you die what ever HOME means to you my People, and Children of Pak-Toe…

If this Human Body of Flesh, and Blood, and Bones was not 55 years in the making, I would wish to return to my “Youth” too join the Rag Tag Rebellion of and for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, and [delve into] the UNDER WORLD Cities and Passages through this side of FLAT EARTH known as The Northern Hemisphere, and Embark on an Adventure of untold Trials and Tribulations of what {once was} as you will walk though the many UFO “Things” and youm will see many wonders in these Abandoned Ghost Cities, and youm would do well too sneak into any Mega Buildings in any [Mega City] from Warsaw Poland to Istanbul Turkey to even places as oddtv and forgotten as {Maputo Mozambique} for the VENTS too feed AIR into the Still Functioning UNDER GROUND Buildings are in places like NEW YORK, and MIAMI, and so many others no matter what U.N. FLAG of CORPORATION Occupation “by these” Capitalist and their FEDERATION of U.N. FLAGS that condemn you and (your children) too Servitude as U.N. Troops and Police known in today's lingo as G4S Academy BLACK WATER military MILITANT contractors paid too murder we: your fellow humans of flesh, and blood, and bones for more {LIES AGREED UPON} cause your Flag is not my Flag, and YOUR CORPORATION Employer is not my CORPORATION Employment Center…

I can only say: I do have the “Holy Spirit” and it does reside in me well, I know when I die, I will have written many books {you can take} into the year 2094 C.E. and if you and your children are allowed to move beyond the VEIL of this (ORABORUS Curse) and not be bounced back to 1893 by this TIME LOOP in our Broken Dead Moon The Awful Horror of what was done to WE THE PEOPLE on both sides of FLAT EARTH in our “shared” Celestial Sphere: then light a Candle for me, and my many dead dead dead NON-MASON populations on [Both Sides] of this world for You will be the NEW HEAVEN and the NEW EARTH, and though like all in these Books of Books, one of us must REMAIN [trapped] in PURGATORY for all time, so others might learn THE WAY home, and I am sure you will be fine in 2095 and “beyond” with all the BOOKS OF EXODICE to guide you into OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition as the NEW WINE SKINS…. Find Peace in knowing you do not approve {of this place} with all its Lies Agreed Upon, and be thankful you leave PURGATORY once and for all cause I Christ Jesus did RETURN, and we knew how too see and hear his “message” of Salvation from This Damnation…

Johnny Exodice


Since The Spirits tell me all things [in this place] Qballs~ /_\ from DUST to DUST and all structures are just a REPRODUCTION of what happened to all the HUMANS and “non-humans” whom could and have mixed their blood to (make children) with eyes that go SOLID BLACK and do all that other Mechanical “Magical” Things seen by those whom seek too see and listen too hear, continue too BLEND IN since Purgatory will be Purgatory, but know ALL is and are lies agreed upon except Nature, and find ways to commune, and walk, and enjoy Nature, and I will see you at the Camp Fires…

The Society of nonmason~

It is evident that only by USE OF FORCE do we “never” leave here, and though I must take responsibility for all the KILLS {in my name} as The Sentinel, we gladly stay “behind” my people and children of Pak-Toe that you may escape [The Racka] and get beyond this TIME LOOP of 2094 back to 1893, and when youm do and youm will…. Then and only then: sing songs about our Tragic Adventures, and how we Angels and Demons (showed you) Humans the way out…

Do not be sad for we whom Sacrifice “our souls” too remain here` for we battle with Demons, and Devils, and many evil Angels, and in that’ if our Blood Lines go on, then [we too] have found Salvation...

The Commander~

π ∞ Σ

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