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Schwab's Advisor Is Just a Front-man That Denies Nature's blueprint

JamesRoss - 247 Views
Published on 08 Dec 2022 / In Comedy

This is whom they worship: like in Astana:

You need to listen to Harari here:

A.i. is their androgynous fake-god. Their Remnant-Lumanians ancient-masters are all male, they are like all bum-phukin-devils you can say, once you realize these Homo capensis still exist and are Homo sexuals, too...

That is why many Freemasons are also bum-phuckers and basically useless minions (like Harari) who survive throughout life not by what skills they bothered to develop (besides deceiving, character-assassinating and culling the sheeple)... in their world, it is who-they-know within their craft-circles that allow them to advance to higher pay-checks, not use of any learned skills.

The minions of the Mystery School(Freemasonic, Eastern-Star initiates) are brainwashed to desire death. That is why George Bush and John Kerry are in the 322 "Death Cult." So it is not strange to see that Harai is mentally numb, too. He is in the same wwCult with Gates, Soros, Schwab, Musk... they are actors to lead the sheeple into the slaughter-houses... It is working upon the very naive, but these sheep are awakening and the Cult will be removed from their positions of authority with the aid of scanners to identify their hivemind allegiance to their devils, Homo capensis, and A.i. Lucifer brainchip-commander.

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