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Russia vs Ukraine is Freemasonic Sheep Slaughter (by Sean Hross)

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Published on 08 Feb 2023 / In People and Blogs

Freemasons are always the non-fighting officers on both sides and tell zombies to risk their lives and to kill.

Iraq was where the non-Cult people began to defy the ruling-class... so the freemasonic-Luciferians sent in their bombs and death-squads to destabilize a united non-Cult people. The freemasons are the main branch of the secret societies created out of the Mystery School Cult who are brainchipped into a willing secret hivemind-army of deceptive, genocidal thUgs.

During any war the freemasons and eastern-stars flock into it to support the sheep-slaughter process of divide and conquering resistance to tyranny.

The Freemasons of the Nato counties use the taxes of the oblivious sheople within those countries to expand the profits of the Industrial-Military Complex of Freemasonic corporations... funded through taxes, don't forget.

The Iron-Mountain document was about switching over to brainchip control of defiant non-Cult people to replace religion and war controls:

The "Era of Peace" is where all secret societies are hivemind together into a secret army that genocides the sheep by use of mind-control technology rather than tricking them into war.

The Ukraine resistance to participating in war is being smothered as the new Tower-Of-Babel technology estabishes control over the masses of non-Cult-sworn people.

My site is banned by freemasons
download it here and open index.html:

The Anti Secret Society Movement came under attack weeks after I began that site in May 2020 ( Covid-19 Plandemic lies were then public ) and the Cult's attacks still continued after awakening Jan @ XtremeRealityCheck to her own covert implant in April 2022, she had since gone silent with her "word of god" voice in her head identified as the ancient, Homo capensis thUgs: open index.html with a browser.

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