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[Richie Allen Mirror] Why Has The Great Empire Of Tartary Been Written Out Of History

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Published on 10 Feb 2022 / In News and Politics

(This is a mirror of “Max Igan Why Has The Great Empire Of Tartary Been Written Out Of History Must Listen!”)

Excavations that lead to finding WHOLE filled-in building structures underground built by SOMEONE ELSE; a simile in building standard and styles found ACROSS the world that are basically the same but the original builders are allegedly unknown, referring to large “Roman” style buildings and giant interior spaces like New York Station that are allegedly built by the founding generations;
The unity of roofing standards spanning the 1400-1900s of COPPER roofing and CRYSTAL lighting arrays that allegedly utilised atmosphere-drawn energy capture and harnessing, “Tesla energy”.. and more.

Tartarian history
Maps from 1600 - 1800
The unified religious system of the Tartarian empire, that was allegedly larger than Russia.
White/Black children abducted and sent to the West (America, Australia et al).

The Great War of mid 1800 that demolished the Tartarian empire, removing free energy sources from the world, ended healing rooms (music), and ceased the use of copper roofs and crystaline batteries as universal free energy devices.

The changes to the signage concerning the slaves; San Fransisco’s original, free-energy compliant infrastructure design and layout.

Berlin Zoo’s Giraffe quarters, held inside a still-functional Tartarian-style building, with intact healing energy field.

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