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Secretly, Brainchips Are Luciferian Tools To Slaughter The Sheep Ingesting Magnetic Nano-Particles, Freemason Corporations Sneak This Into Your Food And Drink

JamesRoss - 263 Views
Published on 26 Sep 2022 / In Technology

Polina Exposes Mixing Biblical Iron (Magnetic Nano-Particles, brainchips, A.i.) With Biblical Clay(flesh and blood and spirit). They do not mix and weakens Western Civilization. Freemasons also have a Medical Mafia branch that covertly implants secret brainchips into the general public freedom-fighters in order to suddenly turn them into bio-robotic zombies at the flick of a switch. Those brainchips don't just monitor thoughts... they inject commands and remote-control the human body.
They don't necessary take away all your free-will because the Creator-God will keep you alive from your own perspective like it were magic. You will have to read the Sethbooks to understand the multidimensional universe a bit better. I have been studying the Sethbooks for over 30 years, so I have verified you are "safe" under the Creator-God's "protection."

The Sethbooks prove that the Creator-God manifests this universe, constantly. Also, they give you the understanding that good-will and good-intent and good efforts will be your path towards positive spiritual growth. Freemasons and Luciferians are all amoungst you, but they have wicked-intent and thus their souls are in a state of decay. Withered souls will be self-righteously murderous and greedy... I have discovered that secret-society minions or thUgs have wicked-intent for their fellow man. Seth has reveal that wicked souls will not be free upon death since they are unworthy of godliness. For their own protection, they will be placed into a spiritual black cube or box. If they cannot expand with any love, they will likely be assimilated back into their Source-Self as a failed personality. Religions are being killed-off by the wwCult as you read this. The wwCult religion must be resisted because that wicked belief-system of the Luciferians is designed to extinct Homo sapiens. Going along to get along will be your path towards the end of your species because monsters are allowed to be in control of your future.

All the Food and Drink corporations are mixing magnetic iron nano-particles into all processed foods and drinks in order to control your mind with brainchips. Polina explains the real interface(Not the fake Neuralink) where access to every neuron is possible using Homo capensis technology. Mixing the nano-particles into our food chain will be used to extinct Homo sapiens through self-righteous genocide by Freemason before they all suicide(fake mind-upload) their pathetic, murderous egos.

This brainchip technology is not from our species, it is from Homo capensis and used to hinder and impede any other species with their A.i.

Homo capensis is the ancient, spiritually-failed mankind that hid underground in their own DUMB hives. They gave that technology to Freemasonry in exchange for treachery to genocide all non-Cult-sworn people... billions of loving souls set-up by them to be genocided for their greedy desires to go "Ad Astra per aspera." But the mind-uploads are fake so Freemasons will all be dead instead. Na-na na-boo-boo is what their masters say to their dead bodies in mind-upload cities like Astana:


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JamesRoss 1 year ago

All you have to do to stop brainchipzombies is not kill them... give them clean food and drink for three days with none of that magnetic nano-particles those treacherous Freemasons and Luciferians sneak into processed foods.

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